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Dimensions Standard Cloud

Dimensions Ecommerce for Growing Business
“Build it and they will come.” Dimensions Standard is one of the packages that satisfy this saying. It helps to build and enticing the business to the next level and attracts more target audience and traffic which in return gives great outcome and success. If you want growth in your business, you have to aggressively take some extra efforts and beat out the competitors in the market to attract customers and traffic. We have design one of such product which satisfies the need of mid-scale businesses is Dimension Standard is one of the trending activity over the internet. It improves the brand image of the website or the organization. Dimension Standard is fast, provides better customer service. It makes the business process efficient and simplifies business processes. It reduces paperwork as everything is online. Warebuy has understood the importance and developed Dimensions Standard. Why choose our product Dimensions Standard? The uniqueness of this product are the following parameters: • E-commerce store builder Apart from this, we also provide 24/7 support to our client as we believe not only selling products but also to stand with our client when needed in terms of product functionality and features. This product is ideal for mid-scale growing businesses. This product is ready to purchase which adds the following list of advantages: • Improves efficiency and user experience • Increase the productivity of the business • Less employee training is required • Fewer relationship to manage • Less overall costing

Dimensions Pro Cloud

Dimensions Ecommerce for Enterprises
Dimensions Pro Cloud package is one with all the features that lend a hand in maintaining the consistency of a business. It is ideal for established businesses. This package helps in achieving further heights and goals which aids in good revenues. In this day and age, e-commerce has become a household word. E-commerce is a booming industry and everyone wants to become an entrepreneur by opening an e-commerce site. This product is a solution to the queries and technical issues that may arrive at an e-commerce site. Futurism has designed this product, keeping all the requirement in mind, such as: • Creation a shopping website • Custom shopping cart integration • Custom web store creation • Custom development The above parameters will satisfy all the e-commerce requirement. This product is ready to purchase, which helps to start the business on a click, the company can start earning revenues from day one. We have designed all of our product keeping in mind the above feature.

SEO Advance Package

Expert SEO Services
This package increases the quality, quantity and visibility of your business. Advanced SEO package includes a number of features starting from title, content, heading keyword tag optimization which results in more visitors and may tends the audience to buy product or services, resulting in profitable output. 

Futurism EndPoint Secure

IBM MaaS360
Futurism EndPoint Secure is a mobile device management software provided by a world leader in computing technology. The solution enables the management and security of all devices in an enterprise as well as the applications and content embedded therein. With its out-of-the-box device management, Futurism EndPoint Secure affords IT the ability to bulk program personally-owned devices to enable them for work. This way, employees can use the technologies they are familiar and comfortable without taxing IT resources. Furthermore, Futurism EndPoint Secure has a secure container that holds all corporate files separate from the rest of the device’s applications. This way, employees can work securely without compromising data and device security. This also simplifies management for IT, as they only need to monitor the container app and not the whole device.

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Trending Software Products

Doctor SEO Package

 SEO Package for Doctors
Doctor SEO helps you rank on top, along with that it also reaps the other benefits of an effective SEO strategy. This package monitor and refines your business that leads to a stream of referrals and appointments. It also finds actionable tips for launching an SEO strategy with an increase ROI.

Dimensions for Marketplace

Dimensions for Marketplace
Dimension for marketplace uplifts your business to enhance the revenue generation and sales, it provides end to end solutions to businesses. It is one of a kind with a ready-to-use feature. This package adds wing to your business which gradually increases the outreach. It makes the business stands out from the crowd. Want to grow your business? Dimension for the marketplace will boost your business. Adaption of Dimension for marketplace will change the analytics. Dimension for the marketplace provides a solid strategy that provides growth in the business. It will help in removing improper functionalities. It will improve your rank in the market and will increase the traffic with the target audience. Dimension for Marketplace will make you stand out in the market with thousands of your competitors The following are the parameters this product includes: • E-commerce market place development • E-commerce store development This product is ready to purchase and can be installed on a few clicks and revenues can be generated within 24 hours.

Dimensions Basic Cloud

Dimensions Basic-cloud
Dimensions Basic Cloud is one of the fundamental packages for businesses. This package helps in amplifying the brand visibility and sales with revenues. It provides features that are crucial for any start-up, We believe in providing the best services. E-Commerce is the fastest-growing retail channel. Taking your small scale business online might change the game for you! In recent research, it is said that by the end of 2021, online sales in the US are projected to reach $ 603.4 billion. Futurism Technologies, a digital transformation leader introduces Dimensions- industry’s leading SaaS platform for small, medium, & Large Enterprises in various packages to curate digital experience journey. The parameters are: • Ecommerce solution for small business • Small business e-commerce website This package provides you with some important and mandatory features which are required for e-commerce, like loading speed, compatibility with different payment gateways, compatibility with your business structure. A dedicated team available 24/7 for the support! Selling the product is not the only goal we have in Dimension, we lend a helping hand to the clients regardless of the size of their business. This package can be purchased in a few clicks and you can start your small e-commerce business in minutes. This package is mainly designed for small business owners. It provides an e-commerce platform and solution for small businesses.


Work anywhere
Unexpected business disruptions take many shapes and forms, spanning minor events to extreme disasters.No matter the nature of disruptions, they all have potential to prevent employees from getting to their places of work. Futurism iWork Anywhere allows companies to extend the employee work environment beyond the office to anywhere. Employees can access their office applications instantly and securely perform normal duties as if they were physically in the office.

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