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CREST CRM : Cost per User : $ 11.00 / Month
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Total Cost : $ 220.00

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Highlights : About CREST CRM

Accelerate Sales

Improve Customer Lifetime Value

Discovery Of New Customers

Enhances Cross-Selling & Up-Selling

Collaboration Between Teams

Increases Staff Productivity

Facilitates Remote Access

Improves Analytical Reporting Enhances

Effective Internal Communication


CREST CRM “ Data Driven Decision Making “. CREST CRM is designed to grow seamlessly with your business. CREST CRM will Improve Customers Lifetime value, simplify sales process, It will Increases staff productivity CREST is a fully integrated CRM product.


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Features CREST CRM

Price Cost per User : $ 11.00 / Month
Select Number of Users :

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Shared HR

Product Details

Lead Management

Lead Management ensures that the Sales team are always on top of all the leads and ensures that none falls through the crack.

Capture complete Lead information : – Key attributes captured are Organization name, Contact Name, Industry classification, Category, Source, Priority and Status.

Leads can be “Assigned To” a Sales representative.

Lead specific Notes: This section provides flexibility to track the various notes one would like to register against the Lead.

Upload Documents: This section provides flexibility to upload and store any kind of documents related to the Lead

Opportunity & Deal Management

Create one or more opportunities against a specific lead. Key attributes like Probability, Status, Estimated deal value, expected closure date, Priority etc can be recorded for effective tracking. Notes & Document section captures key information about the opportunity.

Create customer quote by linking the product and services. Quotes can be revised multiple times and the history information is tracked.

On deal closure, a customer profile can be created for the opportunity and the quote can be converted into a customer sales order.

Tight integration with Sales order & Inventory Module ensures seamless data flow from opportunity till deal closure, reducing manual data entry

Contact Management

Contact management enables the sales representatives to capture all the contact details about the lead. Any number of contacts can be associated to a lead

Provision to send real time Sales & Marketing communication to contacts.

Reports & Dashboards

CREST CRM provides various dashboards built on Opportunity and Leads.

This is user configurable and the applicable dashboards can be enabled based on role.

Lot of inbuilt reports are available which helps in viewing the data across multiple dimensions like Status, Priority, Stage, Source, Probability, Owner etc.

Get the Consolidated Report Grouped By Status, Priority, Category, Owner, Source, Industry

Leads Reports Which can be Filtered by one or more Parameter and Group by a user selectable Parameters.

Activities Management

ACTIVITIES option enables the user to record and track activities against a Lead or Account or an Opportunity. Activities can be classified as “Event”, “Call” and “Task”, Activities are grouped and listed under different time buckets – Today’s activity, Next 7 Days, Overdue

User also have a provision to add Notes & Attach documents against an activity


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