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Considering the role that software plays in streamlining your business processes and enhancing productivity, it can severely impact your bottom line. Buying a software, thus, is a strategic move, and more than a mere commodity purchasing. But starting from zeroing on the right vendor to figure out the economic feasibility of software, the path of software buying is full of perils. That’s precisely why we have come up with industry’s first dedicated marketplace for buying and selling packaged software solutions and services. Aimed to be the gathering place for topnotch packaged software solutions, services and resources, each and every software solution on this platform will be marked with open pricing, verified user ratings, and project tracking. The goal is to save your time and money by handing over to you the “perfect match” software solution.

Our Product Verification and Display Method

Step 1:
Narrowing Down the Vendor Search

From the crowded zone of software vendors, we fix our attention on a few chosen ones.

Step 2:
Background Check

Through background checking, we ensure that the vendor is with a serious reputation and goodwill.

Step 3:
Legal Scrutiny

We check whether the concerned vendor is legally liable to sale his/her product and is free from all the copyright and intellectual property right issues.

Step 4:
Performance Testing

We personally use all the products to see whether all the tall claims made by vendors about their products’ quality, functionality, integration, and ease of use are true or not.

Step 5:

Once we are assured about the qualitative aspects of the particular product, we get in touch with its actual end users. We record their experiences, suggestions and remarks about that product.

Step 6:
Final Step

In this final stage, the products in the selection list will get displayed on our platform with all their specifications, features and reviews.

Why Warebuy

A Broad Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Easy Customization

A Wide Variety of Technology Stacks

An In-depth Overview of Pricing, Project Tracking, and Verified User Ratings

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