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Legal and Compliance Software

Find the best Legal and Compliance Software for your organization. Compare top similar Software systems with customer reviews, pricing and get a free demo.

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Zola Suite

Zola Suite

By Zola Media LLC

Features: Built-in Billing & Accounting Intelligent Email

Core - Annual :
$ 59.00 / Year

Platforms Deployments Business Size Small, Mid-Market

GEN CompLaw With XBRL

GEN CompLaw With XBRL


Features: e-forms MCA V3 Portal

Gen Complaw with XBRL :
$ 242.69 / Year

Platforms Deployments Business Size Small



By BigTime Software, Inc.

Features: Time tracking Expense tracking

Platforms Deployments Business Size Small, Mid-Market, Enterprise, Goverment




Features: Compliance calendar Compliance library

Platforms Deployments Business Size Mid-Market

Essential ERM

Essential ERM

By Tracker Networks

Features: ERM program catalyst Risk tracking

Platforms Deployments Business Size Mid-Market

Qualityze EQMS Suite Software

Qualityze EQMS Suite Software

By Qualityze

Features: Offline Access Collaboration Tools

Platforms Deployments Business Size Small



By ContractZen

Features: Document Linking Automatic Backups to Multiple Physical Servers

Platforms Deployments Business Size Startup



By LogSentinel

Features: Encryption Per Record User Management and Authentication

Platforms Deployments Business Size Small, Mid-Market

Fluid Contract Manager

Fluid Contract Manager

By Fluid CM

Features: Document / photo management Commercial

Platforms Deployments Business Size Startup

AppColl Prosecution Manager
AppColl Prosecution Manager

AppColl Prosecution Manager

By AppColl, Inc

Features: Time Tracking Case & Client History

Platforms Deployments Business Size Mid-Market

Indian Mesh Advocate Management System
Indian Mesh Advocate Management System

Indian Mesh Advocate Management System

By Indian Mesh Pvt Ltd

Features: client management Case Management

Platforms Deployments Business Size Small



By Juro

Features: 256-bit SSL encryption Access controls

Platforms Deployments Business Size Mid-Market

Legal and Compliance Software Buyers Guide

  • What is Legal Case Management Software?

  • Legal case management software is designed to help users better manage, use, share, consolidate, and protect data. The software shapes and tracks the business process as well. In addition to this, legal case management software can integrate data from different departments, systems, business entities, and users, thereby increasing a firm's business advantage. Such case management software solutions have the ability to extract and share data over the Internet, whether within the software itself or within an integrated software framework or environment became an industry standard with the advent of the Lexis and Westlaw legal research platforms. Some of the best legal case management software solutions are marketed to particular segments of the legal industry, with some solutions developed for small companies and others for huge organizations, and a few solutions claim to be suitable to all.

  • What is Compliance Management Software?

  • Compliance management software is a solution that consolidates, centralizes, streamlines, and automates processes, communication, and files relevant to a firm’s adherence to meeting professional and government regulations and standards needed in their industry. This kind of software solution assists you deploy an optimized workflow, manage risks, and empower staff with greater knowledge and visibility on compliance needs to keep your company away from hefty fines or, worse, close down.

  • What are the Ideal Features of Legal and Compliance Software?

  • A compliance software works and suffices the needs of an organization depending on the features it has. Hence, it is very important for any compliance management solution to have the following features integrated in it:

    • Qualitative Analytics: Compliance managers have a major responsibility of protecting company assets and reputation by leveraging big data. An ideal compliance monitoring system must provide a way to visualize and display resolutions and trends so these are forwarded with ease to the upper management.
    • Simple User Interface: Digital marketing and social media platforms have influenced the way we approach data on the internet. A good compliance management software must be intuitive but simple to use. The application must simplify usage by offering a positive user experience. This can be seen through overall design finish, packaging, organization, and relevance of features to the end-users by a software.
    • Regulatory Intelligence: Legal compliance management system must capture, integrate, monitor, and store regulations from authoritative and reliable regulatory content sources. The software must also automatically map regulatory updates to controls, risks, and policies and assist the company stay informed on such upgrades via automated alerts and notification.
    • Document Management: Some compliance monitoring software have the ability to facilitate better document management, which includes the consistent management of forms, records, and documents that a company receives or releases. Document management is a primary need of ISO 9001 certificate, and some companies might consider looking for this feature to assist them handle the quality of records and documents.
    • Fraud Management: If suspicious activities surface, a legal compliance management system guarantees that fraudulent activities, including malpractices, vendor payments, and fraudulent acts, and anomalies in the business’s financial accounts, are well-accounted for and resolved after reporting.
    • Incident Management: A compliance software provides a streamlined and simplified process of escalating incidents, issues, and events and a seamless method of solving these via a well-developed and well-designed communication algorithm.
    • Compliance Assessments and Survey: A compliance monitoring system must design self -assessment plans and control tests by forming questionnaires and surveys. The collected samples must be then assigned to control testers, owners, and assessors. The solution must document the outcome of the self-assessments and control tests as well as capture non-compliance problems.
    • Process Management: Any company must strive for continuous development. Some compliance software solutions have a feature for managing, owning, dissecting, and remapping processes while making the management activity integrated, seamless, and collaborative. Processes can also be visualized via flowchart and mapping tools so everybody are on the same page.
    • Secured Data: Compliance monitoring software must guarantee data integrity across all levels of value chain, assuring that data integrity will not be negotiated in any manner. In addition to this, there must also be a unified process of defending data via advanced security systems, encryption, and easy integration and transfer of information.
    • Risk Management: An ideal compliance management solution provides a systematic method of handling risks via analysis and monitoring of risks all over the value chain and other primary business processes.
    • Integration Abilities: When selecting a compliance software ensure that the solution is capable of integrating with different supporting and third-party systems, including CRM, HR, research systems, trading systems, and more. Automation needs efficiency, and an appropriate compliance management software must save up your energy, time, and money so you can focus it on what matters more: compliance strategy, policy formulation, and general compliance management.
    • Offline Mode: Different compliance management software solutions provide a way for collecting and consolidating data even without an internet connection. Such feature allows companies to operate seamlessly without having to be concerned of technological challenges in their plans. Compliance management solutions with offline mode feature ensure that data captured stays integral and precise irrespective of business type and location.
    • Reporting and metrics: Compliance monitoring software must offer complete visibility about the compliance management processes in form of dashboards via graphical representation. These dashboards must be equipped with drill-down features. The software must be able to monitor process ownership, key control attributes, and similar other factors.
  • What are Different Types of Legal and Compliance Software?

  • Compliance tracking solutions can be majorly divided into following three types:

    • All-Purpose Compliance Monitoring System: This type of solution offers you with a general set of features for compliance tracking. All-purpose compliance management software offers generic capabilities for compliance management across industries. Even though these solutions are suitable for different industries, features offered by such solutions are limited and do not suffice the needs of a huge organization.
    • Industry-Specific Compliance Management Software: Some compliance software solutions are developed to fulfil the requirements of particular sectors or industries such as life science companies or other regulated organizations in the healthcare industry. These systems help the companies in complying with a specific set of rules and regulations specific to an industry. In short, industry-specific solutions help organizations in heavily regulated sectors (such as industrial manufacturing, healthcare, and financial services) meet specific commercial and legislative requirements.
    • GRC (Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance) Platforms: GRC software offers you with a strategic framework for general enterprise risk management, compliance tracking, and aligning IT with corporate strategy. This type of software includes generic compliance management features together with a broader set of features for corporate governance and risk management.
  • What are the Issues Faced While Using Legal and Compliance Software?

  • Compliance management software solutions normally do not face any major issues. But any small issue or problem in compliance tracking can lead to dire consequences. Here are some issues that users face while using compliance management software:

    • Loss of data: An organization gets its competitive advantage from the data it has. If your compliance management system does not have a data integrity feature, a lot will be compromised—public relations, legal fines and penalties, data and customer identity theft, and brand identity. Hence, it is essential to know about any processes or procedure to protect sensitive information and data.
    • Compatibility: As a possible client, verify your compliance requirements to see if it aligns with the key offerings and functionalities of the product. It might also be worth verifying the technologies and subsystems in place to get a glimpse of compatibility between the new software and your existing system. Problems may surface when computers or devices are outdated or not compatible with the software. This increases the cost of investment, indirectly hampering the revenue of the company.
    • Updates: Most legal compliance management system solutions sometimes fail to update automatically. Hence, companies miss out on major updates and changes related to rules and regulations that needs to be obeyed and followed. This can lead to terrible consequences such as huge fines and penalties along with temporary or permanent shutdown.
  • What are the Benefits of Legal and Compliance Solutions?

  • Compliance managers waste their time looking for data to guarantee company compliance. Compliance monitoring software automates the tedious procedures of communication, data collection, decision-making, knowledge sharing, and tracking modifications in compliance requirements and integrating it to the entire system. Here are some benefits that will tell you as to why companies need to use and invest in compliance software:

    • Improved Efficiency: A company must strive for continuous improvement and innovation to succeed and prosper. These might comprise yearly external and internal audits and frequent evaluations as well as feedback solicitation. Based on eventual audit checklists, findings, and evaluations, the company must be capable of reporting points for quality and performance inconsistencies, as well as improvement. Compliance monitoring software assists guarantee that these regions for enhancement are well-communicated and documented across teams, regionally or globally.
    • Reduced Legal Issues: This is one of the benefits of compliance monitoring All companies follow certain financial, legal, institutional, environmental, social, corporate, and government frameworks and policies to be capable of operating and avoiding fines, lawsuits, and penalties. There must also be an established platform to execute these compliance needs, as policies only gain power if they are implemented and enforced to the fullest extent. An integrated compliance solution makes sure that these compliance needs are integrated fully across all activities of the company and that no error is overlooked or ignored for crises or risks to slip through.
    • Improved Reputation: Customers appreciate companies that are environmentally and socially-conscious. A business that prioritizes employee rights and welfare also has an edge over companies who do not practice sound employee management via industry provisions and regulations. A good compliance management software solution guarantees that these compliance needs are taken into consideration and met.
    • Enhanced Decision-Making: With legal compliance management system, it will be simpler to make decisions where the organization’s financial and legal integrity are at stake. A compliance management system assists escalate these scenarios to the higher management and delegate it to the team involved so they are immediately resolved.
    • Improved Communication and Collaboration: Leaders and employees are at the forefront of observing inconsistencies in the systems, confronting risks, and meeting compliance needs. This is why there should be a simplified and centralized process for communicating these needs and inconsistencies so that they are observed, delegated, and executed successfully. Compliance management solution guarantees that there is a seamless and clear practice of observing and relaying incidents and issues amongst a diverse set of people.
  • What are the Trends in Legal and Compliance Software?

  • While it might seem that legal compliance management system solutions are updated to suffice the user needs, they are not fully evolved. Here are some trends that will be seen in the coming future and will explore the solutions’ full potential.

    • Automation: Companies in the future will look to automate the validation procedure by embedding ways to gain visibility into the repeatable, routine, and foreseeable activities of compliance into their systems. This will allow organizations to understand their security in these regions on an ongoing basis. By adding automated dashboards into the systems, companies can not only streamline their yearly compliance efforts, but also have real-time visibility into their security status. This will also assist streamline the validation procedure by reviewing output and dashboards from the environment instead of performing manually intensive sampling reviews that are turning out to be much less effective and relevant as environments are turning out to be more dynamic with latest technologies.
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Harnessing the potential and power of AI in regulatory compliance for financial services can offer banks a competitive benefit in today's world. Artificial Intelligence can be applied to best capitalize on the power, value, and potential of regulatory compliance. AI can be used to simplify the process, make the process "smart," and increase efficiency. By strategically leveraging AI-based compliance monitoring solutions, banks can deal with the daunting regulatory compliance challenges faced today. This allows to improve proof of compliance and control costs. Therefore, AI can simplify the regulatory compliance process, make regulatory compliance processes smart to offer better decision-making feature, and make regulatory compliance processes efficient to make significant savings.
  • How Much Does Legal and Compliance Tools Cost?

  • The cost of the compliance software applications might vary as per the features they offer. A majority of compliance management software solutions in the market nowadays are cloud-based. Therefore, the cost of such cloud-based solutions falls under the monthly or annual subscriptions pricing plan. This means, companies have to pay periodically to use such software solutions. On the other hand, if your software is offline or on-premises, you will be charged a one-time fee.

  • Why Purchase Legal and Compliance Software from Ware Buy?

  • WareBuy is the industry’s first dedicated marketplace for buying and selling packaged software solutions and services. Buying a software will be easy since the platform offers different benefits such as:

    • Secured payment
    • Multiple options for software
    • Price Transparency; hence, no additional or hidden costs are added to the cart.
    • 24/7 customer support
    • Saves time
    • Worldwide delivery
    • Competitive pricing
    • Shop by category (such as industry or skillset)
    • Buy products from renowned brands

    We would love to hear from you. For any doubts, please contact us here.

  • FAQ

  • Why you need legal and compliance management software?

    Regulatory bodies have begun using compliance management tools and solutions to evaluate and find non-compliant cases. Hence, it has become essential for companies to meet the set standards and therefore it is necessary to use compliance software.

    How legal compliance software protect your business?

    Legal and compliance software protects your business by:

    • Keeping employees updated about the Compliance Responsibility
    • Offering compliance requirements, thereby improving business processes
    • Tracking different processes to make sure they are compliant
    • Correcting and updating the documentation as and when needed

    What are the types of compliances that different companies need to fulfil?

    There are three types of compliances that different organizations need to follow:

    1. Due-date based compliances: There are different statutory compliances for TDS return and Income tax return that every organization has to follow on a timely basis (such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly).
    2. Event-based compliances: These compliances hardly take place on the occurrence of an event such as changing the name of the company or moving to a new location.
    3. Ongoing compliance: Every Act has a specific bunch of compliances that must be followed by an organization no matter what at any given point of time. For instance, complying with HR rules and regulations, maintenance of accounts and books, hourly and monthly wages of employees.

    What are factors to consider when buying compliance management software?

    Investing in legal and compliance management software can be tricky. You must consider different factors while selecting an ideal software such as:

    • Business specialization
    • Compliance requirements
    • Organizational structure
    • Data security
    • Integration with third-party tools

    In addition to this, you must also consider the price as well as the features that the software offers. Above all this, make sure that the legal and compliance management software suffices your organizational needs.


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