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Highlights : About IBM MaaS 360 MDM Solutions

Manage endpoints with AI

Discover endpoint vulnerabilities, uncover new opportunities, and align with industry best practices using the industry's first and only AI approach to UEM.

UEM instantly at no cost

Experience IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions free for 30 days and get complete access to its features and functionality.

Secure devices, users and data

Protect corporate data and uphold compliance with industry regulations through containment plus threat, identity and patch-management capabilities.

Mobile device management (MDM)

Gain visibility and control over iOS, macOS, Android and Windows devices, and Internet of Things (IoT).

Enterprise mobility management (EMM)

Separate work from personal data and prevent data leakage.

Bring-your-own device (BYOD)

BYOD is a corporate policy that empowers employees to be more mobile — to make the world an office.

Mobile threat defense (MTD)

Re-mediate risks from mobile malware and compromised devices.

Mobile application security

Distribute, manage and protect applications across endpoints.

Apple and Android device management

Enable and protect the latest iPhones, iPads and Mac models and their apps. Also enroll and secure the hottest Android smartphones and tablets from most hardware providers.

About IBM MaaS 360 MDM Solutions

IBM MaaS 360 (MDM) Solutions is a mobile device management software provided by a world leader in computing technology. The solution enables the management and security of all devices in an enterprise as well as the applications and content embedded therein. With its out-of-the-box device management, IBM MaaS 360 (MDM) Solutions affords IT the ability to bulk program personally-owned devices to enable them for work. This way, employees can use the technologies they are familiar and comfortable without taxing IT resources. Furthermore, IBM MaaS 360 (MDM) Solutions has a secure container that holds all corporate files separate from the rest of the device’s applications. This way, employees can work securely without compromising data and device security. This also simplifies management for IT, as they only need to monitor the container app and not the whole device.


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Price Cost per Device : $ 2.80 / Month $ 4.00 30% OFF
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Mobile Device Management iOS-Android-Windows-mac OS

Mobile App Management iOS-Android-Windows-mac OS

Identity Management


Container App

Expense Management

Policy Recommendation Engine

Granular Patch Distribution

Secure Mobile Mail



Secure Browser

Gateway for Browser

Content Management

Gateway for Documents

Application Security

Gateway for Apps

Business Dashboards for Apps

Mobile Document Editor

Mobile Document Sync

Mobile Threat Management

Product Details

Feature spotlights

IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions Apple iOS and macOS Management

Supporting Apple iOS 11 and earlier, IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions enables you to manage and take instant advantage of the latest version updates on iPhones and iPads. Futurism EndPoint Secure also offers support for macOS versions 10.5 through 10.13 High Sierra. Futurism EndPoint Secure provides simple, over-the-air (OTA) enrollment and a unified, consistent workflow independent of device form factor to give you the visibility and control you need to manage all macOS devices.

IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions Google Android Management

Supporting Apple iOS 11 and earlier, IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions enables you to manage and take instant advantage of the latest version updates on iPhones and iPads. Futurism EndPoint Secure also offers support for macOS versions 10.5 through 10.13 High Sierra. MaaS360 provides simple, over-the-air (OTA) enrollment and a unified, consistent workflow independent of device form factor to give you the visibility and control you need to manage all macOS devices.

IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions Microsoft Windows Management

IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions can help IT organizations address the challenges presented by today’s divided device landscape by providing a single, intelligent solution for the deployment, management, security and monitoring of end-user devices—from Windows XP desktops to the latest Windows 10 tablets—and everything in between.

IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions Container App

The IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions Container App for iOS, Android, and Windows helps maintain a safe and protected on-the-go workspace, especially in support of bring your own device (BYOD) and data leakage prevention (DLP). Only approved and valid users can gain access sensitive data. You can restrict sharing by users, forwarding of attachments and copying and pasting. Devices that are lost or stolen can be selectively wiped to remove the secure container and other enterprise apps, data or profiles.

IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions Advisor

With Watson, IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions Advisor delivers opportunities, risks and general information to help you make sense of the erratic endpoint behavior you encounter daily. Advisor sources insights from structured and unstructured data, giving administrators ample, relevant context to make their most important decisions. Each insight is tailored to your industry, company size and the construct of your environment, including your devices, their platforms and most commonly used apps.

IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions Policy Recommendation Engine

The IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions Policy Recommendation Engine eliminates the guessing game that IT teams normally play when configuring their security policies with real-time cognitive templates based on industry, region and deployment size. As policies are being configured, recommendations will be dynamically displayed that clearly indicate how current inputs match up to peers. If administrators choose to apply the recommendations, they can do so with the simple click of a button.

IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions Business Dashboards for Apps

With Business Dashboards for Apps, IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions UEM administrators gain robust app intelligence and reporting capabilities, which help them understand the full assortment of enterprise apps deployed and a means to determine which ones need attention and prioritization. The dashboards are organized to help you get a full understanding of your enterprise app deployments across several key categories, including installs, usage, performance, and trends.

IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions Modern Laptop Management

IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions provides comprehensive enterprise capabilities to manage and secure laptops, desktops, and mixed reality devices through the entire lifecycle from enrollment to configuration, security, software distribution, support, and decommissioning.

IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions Identity Management

Enterprise mobile end-users need a simple, secure way to access corporate apps and resources from any device – whether at the workplace or on the go. MaaS360 Identity Management makes it easy for IT & Security leaders to implement single-sign on (SSO) for quick access to approved apps, enforce conditional access for compliant, recognized users, and roll out a unified app catalog for easy app discovery.

IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions Mobile Threat Management

IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions Mobile Threat Management helps you to detect, analyze and remediate malware on mobile devices to protect your organization against fraud and data breaches. Futurism EndPoint Secure provides advanced jailbreak (iOS), root (Android) and hider detection with over-the-air updates for security definitions pulled from a continually updated database. Administrators can set security policies and compliance rules to automate remediation — improving the security of BYOD and corporate-owned devices.

IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions Mobile App Security

IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions Mobile App Security covers your public and private apps with a host of options from native-like unified app catalogs across iOS, macOS, Android and Windows, app wrapping (SDKs) for data leak prevention, to app-level tunneling for easiest access to corporate data when employees are on the go.

TeamViewer Remote Support for IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions

TeamViewer Remote Support for IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions enables IT to remotely view end users’ iOS, macOS, and Android devices in addition to Windows laptops and desktops - exactly as if they were seeing the device interface in person. With these real-world views, IT can quickly change or guide the user to change settings, add applications or remediate connectivity issues to get employees back to their jobs as quickly as possible.


Effortless Device Management

IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions confers uncomplicated device management to a company’s IT department. With the software, all the devices can be monitored from one place and overseen remotely from the air. And because of this MDM, small to large businesses can support BYOD, allowing their employees to work on any device they want. This raise their productivity, as they are able to perform tasks on devices they are most familiar with without compromising security.

Rapid App Deployment

With IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions, companies are able to manage applications with the use of an interactive catalog. Through it, they can encourage the use of selected apps, dispense those among users, and update them when needed. In addition, the solution’s container app ensures that corporate data are encrypted and kept separate from other apps. This way, IT only manages the contents of that folder without impinging on an employee’s privacy. This saves valuable resources and also builds trust between employees and the IT department.

Secure Content Collaboration

IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions offers employees a platform for work collaboration that contains all relevant documents for work. In it, they are able to edit documents with ease while maintaining their preexisting formatting. Though Futurism EndPoint Secure affords users this ability, companies can rest assured that this does not compromise data. The solution allows controls with regard to this feature to be set up, so that employees can only perform tasks that are within the scope of their authorization.

Secure MDM Solution

With IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions, companies need not worry about their data being compromised. The software has a secure container separate from other device applications that employees can use when conducting their work. It also comes with a threat detector that immediately alerts IT in case of malware or device infiltration.

Security and privacy in the cloud

When using IBM Cloud offerings, your company can scale and adapt quickly to changing business needs without compromising security, privacy or risk levels

IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions Package For Healthcare

IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions enables organizations to secure electronic protected healthcare information (EPHI) on all mobile devices connecting to their network, comply with HIPAA and other regulations, and reduce the IT workload and cost of managing mobile devices. Using IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions, Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), and document and expense management can be easily and instantly integrated into broader enterprise programs for IT governance, data security and regulatory compliance.

IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions Healthcare Features

Cognitive insights and contextual analytics

Supports all mobile devices from a single console

Advisor Alerts to stop threats before they happen

A real time policy recommendation engine

An AI ChatBot and voice assistant for mobile users

Mobile threat management

Cloud identity management

Security management

Remote locate, lock and wipe (full and selective)

Blacklisting, whitelisting and requiring apps

Real-time reporting and analytics

IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions Healthcare Benefits

Gain 360° visibility and control of all mobile devices, apps, documents and files.

Automate password, encryption and policy enforcement.

Ensure anytime, anywhere device and data security with immediate remote action on nonconforming devices.

No infrastructure changes required

Rapid implementation

Low implementation costs and no-fuss maintenance

Expense management to control costs and overages

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IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions is a comprehensive enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform that enables apps and content with trust on any device, at anytime and from anywhere by delivering mobile security for the way people work. Thousands of customers worldwide (Fortune 500 companies and small and medium-sized businesses) rely on our software as the foundation for their mobile initiatives—helping to enable the apps and content that users need to be productive, while maintaining data security and personal privacy.
Mobile is rapidly transforming how organizations do business. However, managing and protecting the mobile devices, apps and content that contain sensitive corporate data can present overwhelming challenges for any IT or Security team. An EMM solution can help simplify the move to mobile by:  Managing your entire mobile device fleet  Increasing productivity with secured emails, apps and content  Reducing security and compliance risks  Controlling your entire mobile IT environment
Compatible with iOS 4.3+, Android 2.2+, Windows Phone 7.5+, BlackBerry 5.0+ and Amazon Fire OS devices. IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions Laptop Management supports Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1+, Windows 10 and Mac OS X 10.5 – 10.10. Instant, same day support of the latest mobile OS platform releases and upgrades is included.
IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions administrators can send enrollment requests over the air (OTA) using SMS, email, or a custom URL. These are sent directly from the portal, preventing unauthorized devices from gaining access to without approval. Approved users may authenticate by either entering the passcode provided in their enrollment email or entering the corporate credentials used to log into their computer.
IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions Cloud Extender™ can be installed in the customer environment to integrate in a protected manner with your enterprise directory and corporate email environment. Options include Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, Lotus Traveler, Gmail, Active Directory/LDAP, and Certificate Authorities.
IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions Mobile Device Management can enforce automated compliance rules on your enrolled smartphones and tablets—and take the actions you specify when those rules have been broken. Compliance rules include: passcode policy adherence, minimum OS version, remote wipe and encryption support, Jailbroken (iOS) or Rooted (Android) devices, application policies, SIM changes, roaming or surpassing data usage thresholds. Automatic actions include alerting the user and/or administrators, blocking it from accessing the network, changing the policy, conducting a selective or full wipe, removing MDM control or hiding the device.
Yes. Users may remotely block lost or stolen devices until they can be located. In more serious circumstances you can change the passcode or conduct a selective or full wipe of the device to protect corporate data. Administrators can perform the same actions for noncompliant devices unless users take requested steps to remediate their policy violations
IBM Maas 360 (MDM) Solutions Mobile Application Management delivers an Enterprise App Catalog with built-in security and operational lifecycle management capabilities—and the ability to distribute a selection of public and enterprise apps. Futurism EndPoint Secure Mobile Application Security gives organizations a way to contain and secure inhouse developed and third-party applications either through App Wrapping—without modifying a single line of code—or by enabling enterprise-grade security within the app code via a Software Development Kit (SDK)
Mobile Content Management allows administrators to add and distribute documents to enrolled devices. Using a Doc Catalog, users can access, view, and share documents within a protected container. It includes access to distributed content and cloud repositories such as Microsoft SharePoint, Box, OneDrive and Google Drive. Access to private Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Windows files shares are available via the Futurism EndPoint Secure Gateway for Documents
Mobility Intelligence™ executive and operational dashboards and reporting give a centralized, view and focus for potential issues, asset tracking and simplified management, including visibility into hardware and software inventory, configuration and vulnerability details, distribution of mobile devices across OS platforms, approval status, device capabilities, and ownership (corporate or user),
No. While Futurism EndPoint Secure has a multi-tenant architecture, customer data is sandboxed with strong security walls so it is accessible only to the customer. The solution cannot store sensitive corporate data, such as emails, message exchanges, attachments or app data. Cloud Extender ties into your backend systems in a non-intrusive way and is not inline proxy with your critical messaging flows, so it is not in the direct path of email and does not store emails.
No, Futurism EndPoint Secure does not have access to personal data (e.g., emails, SMS or photos). With BYOD Privacy Settings enabled, administrators are restricted from viewing personal applications installed outside of the corporate app catalog. Location services can also be disabled to prevent access to location indicators such as physical address, geographical coordinates, IP address and Wi-Fi SSID.
Using Futurism EndPoint Secure Mobile Expense Management, administrators can view near real-time mobile data usage trends and create data usage policies for managed devices. Policies can be assigned at a device, group, or global level. Alert thresholds can be configured and sent, outlining violations for both in-network and roaming data usage in effort to modify behavior and avoid recurrences.
Futurism EndPoint Secure Productivity Suite and Futurism EndPoint Secure Content Suite support DLP by giving users contained access to enterprise data from their mobile device. This includes emails, contacts, calendars, documents, applications and the Web. By implementing policies that control the movement of data, you can enable encryption and authentication for the container and restrict sharing, attachment forwarding, and copying and pasting. Devices that are lost, stolen or compromised can be selectively wiped to remove corporate data
Futurism EndPoint Secure Productivity Suite and Futurism EndPoint Secure Content Suite provide FIPS 140-2 compliant, AES-256 encryption for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. Through authentication and authorization, only approved users can access sensitive emails and data. All apps and documents are encrypted using AES-256 encryption. Each app and document uses its own unique encryption keys, and content access requires authentication
Boosting productivity and mitigating risk are top of mind for companies as they expand employee access to corporate email, apps and documents from mobile devices they do not own. For BYOD programs, containers are an efficient way to provide a completely separate “sandbox” area for work and control the movement of data – without needing to enroll personal devices in a mobile device management (MDM) solution. They preserve user privacy, drive user adoption, and protect the organization
Yes. Futurism EndPoint Secure Document Editor allows users to create, edit and save corporate documents in an encrypted container with data leak controls. Futurism EndPoint Secure Document Sync makes it possible to sync documents across managed mobile devices. This content is safely stored in the cloud and on devices to uphold document security
Futurism EndPoint Secure Gateway Suite gives users highly protected access to behind-the-firewall business resources—intranet sites, network resources and web apps—without requiring changes to your network, firewall security configuration, or device VPN. Some of the common information repositories include SharePoint, Microsoft Windows File Share, knowledge bases, internal wikis, legacy apps and app data.
Through integration with Futurism Security Trusteer, Futurism EndPoint Secure Mobile Threat Management enables organizations to view mobile risks and remediate threats (e.g., malware infected, jailbroken, or rooted devices) directly from the Futurism EndPoint Secure console before compromising enterprise data.
A perennial Leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant since 2012, Futurism EndPoint Secure has received standout recognition from the analyst firm for its “best-in-class cloud” offering  24/7/365 pre- and post-sales support, offering an industry-leading customer experience  Cloud Extender technology delivers plug and play integration with existing IT systems  Home-grown, robust, and user-friendly mobile malware protection and container solutions  Integrated with Futurism Security, including Trusteer, QRadar, BigFix and ISAM, and created synergies due to partnerships with Apple and Box
Futurism EndPoint Secure has been recognized as the only cloud-based EMM solution certified and accredited under the Federal Information Security and Management Act (FISMA) and the U.S. Government’s First FedRAMP Mobile Authorization – making it the preferred EMM solution within the public sector and providing the confidence for our customers in other highly regulated industries, such as financial services, healthcare and education. Thousands of customers leverage compliance rules that are specifically geared towards adherence with FINRA, SEC Regulation S-P, SOX, FRCP, PCI DSS, NPI, PII, Basel III, the Identity Theft Act, CIPA, PCI DSS,EPHI, and HIPAA. In response to government regulations about data transfer, data centers have been set up in new territories, including the EU and APAC.
In operation for nearly a decade—with unique certifications and in compliance with AICPA SOC-2 Type II, FISMA, FedRAMP and FIPS 140-2regulations—the Futurism EndPoint Secure cloud infrastructure is mature, proven and secure. Only capturing device inventory information (e.g., hardware, software, network and security-related information required for managing the device and ensuring compliance) your data remains safe.

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