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Highlights : About SpiraPlan

Programs, Planned

Keep tabs on all of the activities in your programs in one place. From the initial planning and staffing of the project, through each of your releases, sprints and iterations, SpiraPlan helps you plan and estimate for success.

Projects, Managed

Get on top of your projects the right way. Create user stories, assign them to sprints, set deadlines, and get to work. It's all assignable and trackable from flexible planning boards and powerful dashboards.

QA & Testing

Is the release on track? SpiraPlan's industry leading test management gives you the answer, instantly. Your testing teams will love SpiraPlan. Your devs will dig it. You won't know how you lived without it.

Everything, Organized

Personalized executive dashboards, real-time charts and customizable reports. Fully customizable workflows to match your process and methodology. Available hosted or on-premise, and across all devices through your browser.

Risks, Metigated

SpiraPlan includes an enterprise risk management system that is fully integrated with the requirements and project management features of SpiraPlan. The risk management module lets you identity, analyze, treat, and monitor risks with support for risks, mitigations, tasks and risk cubes.

Requirements, Managed

SpiraPlan lets you easily manage your requirements and user stories in an integrated requirements matrix. These requirements can be validated with the end customer and then elaborated into more detailed tasks that can be used as the basis for development.

Resources, Allocated

SpiraPlan lets you schedule the team members and load balance the task resourcing allocations. As team members work on their assigned tasks they can update their progress in terms of actual and remaining effort. This provides project managers with real-time visibility on the progress of the iteration and early indications of schedule overrun.

Releases, Planned

SpiraPlan provides the ability to manage the list of releases / versions of the software being developed. Each of the releases can be broken down into smaller units of work called Iterations or Sprints. SpiraPlan includes integrated resource estimation capabilities so that you can plan out the team size needed for each iteration.

Source Code, Integrated

SpiraPlan includes support for integrating Software Configuration Management (SCM) tools with the system so that you can browse the source repositories within SpiraPlan. In addition you can link commits/check-ins in the SCM tool to artifacts in SpiraPlan to provide code-level traceability of changes. This functionality will allow the system to track the code changes that are associated with Requirements (stories) that have been implemented, Tasks that have been completed or Incidents (defects) that have been fixed. This gives unparalleled traceability across the development lifecycle.

About SpiraPlan

SpiraPlan is a project management and bug tracking solution designed for small to midsize businesses and enterprises across all industries. Features include Scrum/ Kanban planning boards with drag-and-drop and drill-down capabilities, bug/issue tracking (assign, manage and close incidents), an audit log of changes including requirements, releases, tasks, bugs and document changes and customizable user dashboards and several reporting options including a custom report-writer, burndown and velocity charts. Additional platform capabilities include task management, document management/collaboration and resource management as well as built-in instant messaging, a customizable email notification system and a data import wizard. Users also have integration options, including Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse and JIRA products. SpiraPlan is available worldwide as an on-premise or cloud-based solution. Pricing is per user. Support is available via phone, email and WebEx services.


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Product Details


Agile planning board

Load-balance project resources

Customizable dashboards of key project information

Prioritize and schedule requirements for each release

Central knowledge sharing repository

Create new projects based on existing project templates

Browse linked source code repositories, including files and revisions.

Create, edit and delete requirements in a hierarchical ‘scope matrix’ organization

Clean and powerful user interface

Refine project schedule

View project velocity, burndown and burnup reports

Track issues and defects against project schedule

Determine resourcing levels

Create and edit project workspaces

Create and edit user profiles with own set of permissions

Create, edit, assign, track, manage and complete project tasks tasks

Organize releases hierarchically, with unlimited levels of granularity

Web Services SOAP and REST APIs


Supports agile methodologies

Supports agile methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, XP, Scrum, DSDM and AUP, allowing teams to manage all their information in one environment

Consolidated user interface

Offers a consolidated user interface of major project status and health data.

Single and integrated view of reporting

Provides a single, integrated view of reporting user interfaces of main project risk indicators and progress, including key risks and issues, task burnup / burndown, project velocity, effort slippage, and task progress.

Dark Mode

Every part of the application gives you an easy on the eyes, fully dark experience.

Single Sign on - Oauth

Single Sign On (SSO) with OAuth 2.0 available alongside LDAP


Integration Services We Offer For SpiraPlan

feat-icon Microsoft Visual Studio

Integrated Development Environments

feat-icon JetBrains IDEs (including IntelliJ)

Integrated Development Environments

feat-icon Eclipse / Mylyn

Integrated Development Environments

feat-icon Git

Software Configuration Management

feat-icon Subversion

Software Configuration Management

feat-icon Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS)

Software Configuration Management

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