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Highlights : About Nomadesk

Acquisition of New Customers

Upselling to Existing Customers

Online Viewing and Editing of Microsoft Office Files

Data Center Facilities in Europe and US

Backup and Mobilize

Targeted to Distributors, Resellers, MSPs, OEMs, and System Integrators

About Nomadesk

Millions of people risk losing their unprotected, critical data every day. As the amount of unprotected data stored on multiple devices increases, it becomes harder to synchronize and easier to lose. Nomadesk allows individuals and teams to secure, sync, share and backup data with no limits or change in behavior, giving them access to their files when working online and offline. Nomadesk's virtual drives (Vaults) act just like a hard drive, storing important documents in one place with remote access. Users simply drag and drop their docs into the virtual Vault, and files are immediately encrypted, backed up and available for file sharing. For added protection, Nomadesk's TheftGuard technology protects content stored on mobile devices, allowing users to remotely shred important docs in the event of theft or lost hardware while keeping the data neatly tucked-away in the Cloud, in addition to tracking stolen or misplaced devices on Google Maps.


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Product Details


Encrypt and Cache Files and Documents on the Vault

Data Center Facilities in Europe and US

Online Viewing and Editing of Microsoft Office Files

Targeted to Distributors, Resellers, MSPs, OEMs, and System Integrators

Private Label

Acquisition of New Customers

Increased Retention; Less Churn through “Stickiness” of Storage

Backup and Mobilize

Invite Others to your Vaults

Exclusive Channel Sales Strategy

Partner Portal Access

Upselling to Existing Customers

Bundled Cloud Services

Remote & Mobile Access

File Synchronization

File Sharing & Collaboration

Unlimited Secure Storage

Integration with Active Directory


Build Revolutionary Virtual Hard Drives Called “Vaults”

Before we understand why Nomadesk is being marketed to distributors, resellers, original equipment manufacturers or OEMs, service providers, and system integrators; let us first take a look at how Nomadesk works as an enterprise file sync and share solution. Nomadesk is equipped with virtual hard drives which can be built on desktop computers. But what is a virtual hard drive, anyway?

Backup And Mobilize

Nomadesk, moreover, has data center facilities in Europe (Frankfurt, Amsterdam) and USA (Asheville – NC). Because of this, whatever files and documents users have stored in the vaults are automatically backed-up in the data centers. In addition, the vaults can be accessed on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This means users can work on their files and documents wherever they are and at any time.

Business File Sharing And Synchronization Capabilities

As an enterprise file sync and share solution, Nomadesk has the ability to automatically synchronize data, files, and documents across business users and devices. In other words, if users edit documents from their smartphones, the edits or changes will be instantly updated on their desktop computers where they can access the same documents. Likewise, multiple users who are working on the same documents will always access up-to-date information related to those documents, regardless of the types of devices they are using.

View, Edit, And Collaborate On Microsft Office Documents Online From Any Device

Nomadesk can also be integrated with Microsoft Office applications. As a result, Microsoft Office files and documents can be viewed and edited by multiple users simultaneously and directly within the solution using any device; and they can collaborate on them online easily.

Channel Sales Approach

Now that we know how Nomadesk works and have an overview of its amazing features and capabilities, we can realize the value it can deliver to distributors, resellers, original equipment manufacturers or OEMs, service providers, and system integrators. Nomadesk uses a channel sales approach that helps these types of business users boost their revenues and win the trust of their existing clients. They can incorporate Nomadesk into their services, current infrastructures, and marketing campaigns.

Partner Portal For Distributors And Resellers

For example, for distributors and resellers, Nomadesk provides a partner portal where distributors can onboard resellers which can help them market the solution to their prospects. Resellers then can use this portal to manage the accounts of those who purchased the solution, handle licensing tasks, and provide billing to their customers.

Enables MSPs and OEMs To Add Value To Their Services

Meanwhile, managed service providers and OEMs can implement Nomadesk on their existing infrastructures and data centers, and bundle it with their services. This way, they will be able to sell the EFSS solution in their market, gain more clients, and improve customer retention. This enables them to give added value to their services and help them ensure to their prospects and clients that their data, files, and documents are always safe and secure using Nomadesk.

A Great Enterprise File Sync And Share Solution For System Integrators

There are some companies who need to comply with strict data policies which means they have to stick with their on-premise network and infrastructure, and avoid using a cloud storage solution. Luckily, Nomadesk offers a virtual appliance known as nmd|HyperDrive which can be deployed on corporate data centers and on-premise infrastructures. This virtual appliance permits them to utilize the capabilities of Nomadesk as an EFSS solution without compromising the security of their on-premise infrastructure. Thus, system integrators will benefit a lot from this virtual appliance, as they are able to use their existing on-premise infrastructure while serving their customers, and at the same time, extend the capabilities of Nomadesk.

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