Nyotron Paranoid

By Futurism Technologies

PARANOID for Servers - Volume Level 0 : $ 564.98 / Year $ 750.00 24.67% OFF

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Highlights : About Nyotron Paranoid

Threat-agnostic protection without signatures or machine learning/AI

Complements existing anti-malware solutions, requiring no rip & replace

Supports air-gapped environments, requiring no updates or cloud connectivity

About Nyotron Paranoid

Nyotron pioneers a new generation of automatic Endpoint Detection and Response with integrated protection called Endpoint Prevention and Response (EPR). Our product prevents damage from malware that evades existing security controls and offers granular visibility into the attack.


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Features PARANOID for Servers - Volume Level 0

PARANOID for Clients - Volume Level 0

Price $ 564.98 / Year $ 750.00 24.67% OFF Add To Cart Buy Now $ 1125.00 / Year $ 1500.00 25% OFF Add To Cart Buy Now

Product Details


Works with all existing antivirus/anti-malware solutions, including Windows Defender, requiring no rip & replace

Doesn’t require resource-draining disk scanning

Doesn’t require bandwidth-consuming AV definition updates

Supports air-gapped environments

Threat-agnostic defense without predictive technologies like ML/AI

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