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Highlights : About DoForms

Electronic signature capture

Mobile workforce control

Custom form structures

About DoForms

doForms is a mobile form creation solution which is designed to help businesses of all sizes to gather, connect, and share any type of data that is relevant to their workflows. The cloud-based tool offers a DIY form builder, dispatch and tracking tools, back-office integration, and more. Suitable for SMBs, large enterprises, government, education, healthcare, and other international organizations, doForms provides features for capturing information in the field with mobile devices and online. The doForms web form builder allows businesses to create custom, app-like forms using a range of drag and drop tools including in-form calculations, data lookups, built-in logic, and action buttons for navigation, time or GPS stamping, video launch, and more. Users can customize forms to suit any type of business need including gathering data, creating invoices, carrying out inspections, and documenting tasks. Specialized containers can be used within forms to automate functionality including spreadsheet-like tables and self-scoring questionnaires. doForms facilitates synchronization and integration of data between mobile devices and back-office systems, as well as existing third party applications such as QuickBooks, Evernote, Google Drive, and more. Field workers are able to collect data using any mobile device and ensure it is distributed to all other relevant parties through automatic and real-time data sync. Dispatching and tracking can be managed within doForms with tools for GPS information transmittal, assignment of forms, form retrieval, and form forwarding. Forms can be forwarded between colleagues and management to allow multiple participants to fill out information, and notifications can be sent to customers when their participation is needed. GPS information can be transmitted to the doForms portal using any mobile device in order to automatically fill location information and time stamps when submitting forms.


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iOS and Android View

Mobile Form Editing In Browser

Role-Based Web Portal

Automated PDF Emails

Standard Custom Templates For Automated Emails

Unlimited Mobile Forms

Unlimited Mobile Form Submissions

Unlimited Data Storage

GPS Stamping

Email Chat Support

Embedded URLs Videos

Button Layout Grids

Integrated Data Lookups

Personalized Action Buttons

Audio Video Compatibility

Counters Sliders Stars

Images Sketching

1.Questionnaires 2.Radio Boxes and Checkboxes 3. Repeatable Questions 4.Tables 5.Text Numeric and Date Fields 6. Additional Automated Form Functions

1.Real-Time Job Dispatch 2.Real-Time Mobile Form Forwarding 3.Device-Based GPS Tracking 4.Start-Stop Detection With GPS Tracking 5.Calendar-Based Job Scheduling 6.Supports MFA Encryption 7.Secure Workflow 8.Secure Reporting 9.Real-Time Mobile Form Retrieval 10.Dispatch Portal With Google Maps

1.Barcode Label Printing 2.Chain Of CustodyManifest Validation 3.Excel Plugin 4.Phone Number Auto-Dial 5.Real-Time Status Updates 6.Repeatable Jobs 7.Secure Email 8.Secure Editable Document Forwarding 9.Secure Scheduled Reporting 10.Secure Transport

1.Standard Web Services 2.Sync Save Integration Gateway 3.Connectors For QuickBooks Oracle SQL Server Salesforce SharePoint More 4.Payment Via Invoice Or Credit Card 5.Customized Contracts 6.Cloud Storage Support For Box Dropbox Google Drive 7.Priority Customer Support 8.Dispatch Integration 9.POD Manifest Integration

Additional Connectors for Microsoft Pack FTPSFTP SMS Clickatell MySQL ODBC SyBase ASE XML

Product Details


Custom forms

Mobile integration

Third party integration

Workflow management

Drag & drop interface

Customizable questions

Dispatch management

Automatic notifications

Electronic signature capture

Electronic signature capture

Mobile workforce control

Custom form structures

Back-office integration


Integrate with third party applications including QuickBooks, Salesforce, and SharePoint in order to synchronize data collected within forms.

Build custom form templates for regularly used form types and use the custom Excel templating feature to extract form data and transform it into PDF, Excel, or Word format to share with others.

Allow customers or management to sign off on forms using the electronic signature capture tool. Forms can be signed in the field using any mobile or tablet device.

Benefit from barcode scanning and NFC tags to input data into forms quicker. Information from scanned barcode or NFC tags is automatically transmitted into the correct format within the relevant form fields.

Manage and manipulate collected data with doForms’ features for searching for, reviewing, exporting, emailing, and printing data. Users can also run reports using data from forms.


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Yes! doForms offers mobile forms that work on nearly every device and operating system. In fact, one of the hallmarks of doForms is that it is completely responsive and adjusts to any screen size without manual effort on your part. What’s better than that?
doForms offers a free mobile forms trial for new customers. This free trial will give you access to doForms Advanced mobile form plan for 30 days – you can check out all of the features above!
Yes, doForms has a mobile forms app for both iOS and Android. This app will allow you to fill out forms and gather information on-the-go. Please note that form creation must be managed from your desktop dashboard.
doForms integrates with dozens of other types of software, including Microsoft Office, Google Suite, Salesforce, QuickBooks, and more. We also have a litany of professional partners and integrations that customers can utilize.

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