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Highlights : About Workteam OKR

Employee Goals Tracking

Time Off Calendar

Standard Social Features

Coaching Conversations

Employee Leaves & Absences Tracking

Custom Time Off Policies

About Workteam OKR

Workteam OKR is a cloud-based human resource (HR) management platform for small to large businesses, which helps manage and streamline processes related to workforce. The centralized platform enables employees to set their individual goals in alignment with business objectives, improving ROI on operations. Key features of Workteam OKR include user access management, progress tracking and automated goal updates. It lets managers and departments divide goals into sub-objectives and assign them to individuals. Additionally, it allows employees to update results for every week to assess and track progress on objectives. Workteam OKR comes with various tools for businesses to define key result metrics and establish criteria for improvements. It facilitates integration with several third-party applications such as Okta, MS Azure AD, IBM Cloud Identity and Auth0. Pricing is available on monthly subscriptions and support is provided through email and documentation.


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Product Details


Goal Alignment

Employee Goals Tracking

Remote Worker Management

Time Off Calendar

Non-Regular Workers Timesheets

Standard Social Features

Customizable Fields

Coaching Conversations

Goal Blocker Identification

Employee Leaves & Absences Tracking

Custom Time Off Policies

Visual Work Chart

Burn-Up Charts


Organizational Alignment

With Workteam, managers can take charge and align their members’ goals with those of the company’s. This provides them with direction and focus and enables them to enhance their performances when it comes to their tasks. Workteam also affords employees easy access to company objectives and allows them to align their tasks for the achievement of those goals. On top of that, the application is a way for managers to coach their members and ensure that they are on track and also to make certain they are not at risk of not reaching their set aims.

Team Conversations

Workteam provides a way for managers to empower their team members and also molds them into better leaders. With the assistance of the application, team leaders are always aware of how their members are doing. This lets them provide guidance to ensure that employees are not having difficulties in performing their tasks and achieving their goals. Furthermore, Workteam lets managers take better charge of remote workers. The software lets them keep in touch with them constantly and make certain they are focused on their objectives and also make them feel that they are a part of the team.

Employee Management

Workteam also enables companies to better manage their workforce. The software allows them to track all kinds of employee time-off, such as vacation leaves, sick leaves, and paid time offs. The application is also a way for employees to easily lodged requests for leaves while managers can instantly view and either approve or reject them. Plus, the team calendar is visible to all members. This enables them to carefully plan their time offs to avoid discrepancies and issues. On top of that, companies can set their own leave policies. These can be customized to accommodate rules for regular hours, flexible shifts, and more.

Team Collaboration

Workteam gets all team members on the same board. The application provides teams with a platform where they can meet and share insights and track task progress for them to be able to achieve excellent outputs. Managing goals, creating plans, assigning and tracking tasks also become more manageable and less arduous. Workteam makes it so through its visual platform where everyone can view their task ownerships and co-collaborators.

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