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Highlights : About FunctionFox

Simple Time and Expense Tracking

Personnel can enter time on projects manually or with the timer function to track real-time as they work. Quickly produce powerful reports or view interactive charts to dig down and get the details of each project, from concept to completion.

Estimates and Budgets

Say goodbye to budget overruns with project estimates, account for additional costs with expense tracking and pull everything together using our expense report.

Flexible Project Management

Whether your team is in the office or working remotely you can easily forecast team workloads, plan & adjust project schedules, keep communications in a central location, and stay on top of deadlines.

Team Resource Management

Snowed under with incoming projects? Check your teams availability and know whether or not your team can take on additional work, who is working flat out already, and which projects need extra resources.

Interactive Project Gantt Chart

Gain transparency of your entire timeline. Assign actions, schedule important milestones and meetings directly and plan your project from start to finish.

About FunctionFox

Created by an ad agency for advertising agencies, graphic designers, marketing firms and other creative companies, FunctionFox gives you simple yet powerful online time tracking and project management tools for your employees. Start gaining insight into your team's capacity & business perform today.


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Product Details


Free Customer Support and Onboarding

Unlimited Clients & Projects

Account Preferences & Customization

Project Status & Custom Status Options

Personal and Group Calendars with iCalendar Support & Meeting Scheduler

Mobile Access

Address Book for Client Contacts and Vendors

Time Tracking and Reporting

Timesheet with Stopwatch Timer

Tasks with Editable Rates

Estimate and Budget Tracking

Retainer Tracking

CEO Desktop — Dashboard for Client, Project, and Personnel Overview

Invoicing and Quoting

Powerful Reports — Project, Productivity, Expense, Status, and more

Project Schedule Reports — Action & Production

Advanced Reports — Cycle & Capacity

Advanced Report Builder — Create and Save Custom Reports

Project Management

Templates — Quickly replicate past successful Projects

Project Costs & Expense Tracking

Custom Fields to Capture Project Details

Actions with Due Dates and Priorities for Task Delegation

To-Do List with Email Alerts

Timelines with Milestones to Capture Project Deadlines

Project Schedule and Project Calendar Views

Interactive Project Gantt Chart

Interactive Resource Availability Calendar

Estimate and Retainer Email Alerts

Unlimited Custom Project Request Forms for Outside Departments

New Project Submission Email Alerts

Communication and Collaboration

Access Rights & Freelancer/Contractor Access

Project Blog with Email Alerts on Comments

Flink Document Exchange*


FunctionFox Benefits:

  1. Reporting: FunctionFox offers out-of-the-box reports on tasks, personnel, clients, productivity, estimates, expenses, and project overviews. Create custom reports with 10 custom project data fields.
  2. Estimates and invoicing: Track estimated time and costs against actual figures. Create and send invoices.
  3. Calendars: Created shared group and project calendars and create events and milestones, and schedule meetings. Set up your own personal calendar.
  4. Manager and CEO Views: CEO desktop with detailed estimates and costs, and project timeline views for an overview of project statuses, costs and future plans.
  5. Task management: Create tasks and to-do lists and assign tasks to staff or view the complete list of tasks.
  6. Project Blog: Use this communication tool to share and record all project related info and conversations.
  7. Project Requests: All departments can submit project request forms from one platform.
  8. Cycle & Capacity:  The Capacity report shows an overview of the whole project portfolio across a given period. The Cycle report shows project timing through multiple stages.

Product Info:

Whether you’re looking to streamline internal planning, keep multiple projects on track, forecast workloads, reduce communication breakdowns, or stay on top of deadlines, FunctionFox has the platform and features to help your business succeed.

Products Type:

Classic Product: $5 (per month per user)
($35/m for 1st user)

Time and Project Tracking

Simple Time and Expense Tracking

Simple to set up and extremely easy to use, FunctionFox helps you — and everyone on your team - track projects and expenses online and get real-time updates whenever you need them.

Estimates and Budgets

Say good-bye to budget overruns. Quick access to the status of each project helps you anticipate and head off problems — whether you bill by the hour, by project or by retainer.

Powerful Reports

Dig down and get the nitty, gritty details about every aspect of each project — from concept to completion. Powerful, real-time reporting, interactive charts, and CEO Desktop make it easy.

Product Feature Highlight

Premier Product: $10 (per month per user)
($50/m for 1st user)

Advanced Project Management

Project Schedules and Gantt Charts

Don’t let deadlines and due dates slip past. Our easy to use interactive gantt charts, production schedules, project email alerts, and progress reports helps you keep everything on track.

Task and Action Assignments

Keep traffic meetings short and sweet. With task and action assignments, you’ll know who can take on more work, who is working flat out already, and which projects need extra resources.

Internal Communication Boards

Communication a challenge? You need our internal project blogs to keep everything in one place, and everyone on the same page — even when you’re juggling multiple jobs.

Product Feature Highlight

In-House Product: $20 (per month per user)
($150/m for 1st user)

Internal Creative Teams

Online Request Forms

You’ll never miss an external job request again once you implement our easy, customizable, online request forms with file uploads. Result? More accountability for your team.

Project Management

Snowed under with incoming projects? Check your teams availability and know whether or not your team can take on additional work, or if additional resources are required.

Advanced Reports

Understand your business better. Our advanced reporting capabilities with flexible, comprehensive reports, interactive charts, and CEO Desktop help you easily view and analyze key data metrics.

Product Feature Highlight

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FunctionFox is for small to mid-sized creative teams — freelancers, agencies, and in-house creative groups — who want to get control of their projects, bill more hours every month, and develop a deeper understanding of their business.
Besides a great timesheet and project management application, you get unlimited personal customer support for you and your team, from real people who understand your business and will help you succeed. We’ve been doing this a long time, and we are able to provide guaranteed up-time, continuous back-ups and secure storage. We take care of all bug fixes, updates and enhancements on our end, so you never have to worry that you don’t have the latest version. That means you can focus on your business, not on software issues. You also get hours and hours of expert webinars, podcasts, articles, and resources focused specifically on helping you build a successful creative business.
There are many reasons. Employees and contractors can enter timesheets wherever they are, seeing only the project information you want them to see. Managers can create accurate estimates, and keep on top of progress and budgets. Workflow is easy to control because assigning, scheduling, and monitoring tasks is so simple. Communication within your team, with consultants, and with clients is vastly improved, and billing is quick and accurate. What's not to love?
Yes. Your FunctionFox subscription is incredibly flexible, so you can add more project management features when you need them, or step things down when you want. FunctionFox Premier provides some great project management features, like project milestones, and a project blog. We can easily add them to or remove them from a Classic account, without affecting any client or project details.
FunctionFox provides full features to all subscribers. Included in your annual or monthly subscription is access to timesheet and job cost entry, client, project and personnel reports as well as controlled access to advanced features and custom options. Our base subscription cost for: FunctionFox Classic is $35 per month (includes one user) plus $5 per month for each additional user. FunctionFox Premier is $50 per month (includes one user) plus $10 per month for each additional user. FunctionFox In-House is $150 per month (includes one user) plus $20 per month for each additional user.

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