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Highlights : About Social Media Advance Package

Creation of Social Pages

Get an eye-grabbing, attention seeking, and always-active page for your product or service.

5 Social Media Platform

Get your post on any 5 social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Per Month 45 Social Media Posts

Get 45 social media posts per month under this package.

Boosted Posts

Get 4 boosted posts with an ad spend up to $150 included in plan.

Dedicated Account Manager

Get a dedicated resource to manage all your account activities.

Target Audience Analysis

Know what type of audience is drives your traffic as well as their behavior.

Comprehensive Social Media Content Calendar

Get a social media calendar to plan ahead, batch your work, and avoid multitasking.

Monthly Reporting

Get a detailed monthly progress report on your social media campaign.

24/7 Live Project Tracking

Track your project in real time and get every detail.

About Social Media Advance Package

With the aim of being always at the top, our social media advanced package never lets you down. This package offers the utmost services and perks, thereby taking your social media performances to new heights. Get your online presence on several social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. This package maintains active social media presence, which grows your business by: • Being viewable to the right audience • Remaining relevant in the eyes of your customers • Having one-on-one chat with your customers • Improving your customer service capabilities


Find the perfect service package for your business with simple pricing

Service Details

Package Detail

Social Media Platform: Facebook + 2 (Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube).

Number of posts per month 45 / platform.

Post by vendor approved by client.

Social Media Marketing - Process Chain

Research and Planning.

Create engaging posts on all platforms.

Maximize your search engine visibility.

Sharing Content.

Increase followers and interactions on business pages.

Engage with Your Audience.

Run Social Paid Campaigns.

Analyze the Results.

Social Media Strategies

Identify Business Goals.

Set Marketing Objectives.

Identify Ideal Customers.

Build a community.

Research Competitors.

Choose Channels and Tactics.

Create a Content Strategy.

Allocate Budget and Resources.


Use Facebook advertising to spread the word about your brand, products or services. Suitable for all types of businesses, FB Ads can drive traffic, generate leads and increase website conversions.

Launching a Facebook Fan Page for your business, independent of your personal profile.

Create Facebook Goals that directly impact your business needs.

Research & analyze your Facebook Demographics.

Choose & Schedule Your Facebook Content / Scheduling & Publishing.

Determine Your Facebook Ads Strategy.

Engage your Audience.

Track & Analyze Your Facebook Marketing Strategy.


Take advantage of Twitter's 320M active users to promote your brand, drive traffic to your website and get established as an influencer in your niche.

Keyword-rich Bio optimization.

Build awareness for a new product or service by using Twitter to market it to relevant prospects.

Build a positive opinion about your brand, products, or services, by using Twitter as a PR tool.

Participation in Trending HashTags.

Retweet to Thematic Tweets.

Ask questions and run polls.

Curate and connect with Retweets and replies.


LinkedIn is the ultimate social network for professionals and a useful social media marketing tool, especially for B-2-B and service providers.

Turn your company page into a lead generation page.

Keep the page active and conversion-focused.

Increasing Company Page Followers.

Relevant Groups - Interaction/Engagement.

Posting of Article Summaries in the Groups.

Query Response Management.

Participate in discussions and benefit from an international pool of top-expert advice.

Social Media Competitor Analysis

We will perform a detailed analysis of how your competitors are using social media marketing.

Monthly Progress Report

At the end of each month you will get a progress report with all the details concerning your campaigns.


How our social media management services work?

Social media management is the process of managing your brand profile across various social media platforms to amplify your brand footprint and popularity. This process includes creating or managing a social media profile by through regular social media posts, offering community services, teaming up with influencers, keeping tabs on online conversations, and monitoring, calculating, and reporting on social media performance. Our social media marketing services follows a systematic process, covering each and every point mentioned above. Below is a detailed description about our social media management process:

  • Interacting with your social media account manager

When you choose our social media services, you will be assigned a dedicated social media account manager. Our expert will handle and monitor every aspect of your social media campaign, right from the design of your media to the content of your posts.

  • Performing social media audit

Once a dedicated expert is assigned for you, he/she manages your social media strategy. The expert also conducts a thorough research on your organization’s competition, online reputation, and previous social media performance.

  • Getting an in-depth report on your social media performance and presence

Once the research is conducted, the expert offers you a detailed report of their analysis. The report contains valuable information about your company’s social media presence and performance. In addition to this, the report also gives insight on specific challenges or opportunities that company can overtake or achieve, respectively.

  • Selecting the right strategy customized for your account

The manager shares the report with you so that you can make an informed decision while selecting personalized, data-driven, and suitable strategy and campaign for your company. The expert starts designing a strategy as per your needs and one suitable for your social media performance.

  • Creating and promoting a tailored content

On receiving your approval on a specialized strategy, the dedicated expert will develop your monthly deliverables, such as your custom images, posts, and ads. You need to check and approve these posts every month before they go online. Any query that you have from here will be handled and solved by our social media manager.

Once you choose our social media management services, your business and social media presence both will undergo a drastic transformation in terms of traffic and popularity.

How can social media marketing help your business grow in COVID 19?

During these tough pandemic times, when most people are dividing their time between different social media platforms, it is important for brands to focus on making a right impact. Any wrong message or any small mistake is enough to throw you out of competition. Experienced social media marketing services can offer you a strategy that strikes the correct tone for your audience and brand. Here are some facts that shows how social media marketing can help your business grow in COVID-19 era

  • SSM helps maintain your brand across all relevant social media platforms:

SSM services ensure your voice (written, spoken, or recorded) has one unified message and attracts your audience. It makes sure that your voice is heard and consistently appreciated across all social platforms. These services look after how your message can be communicated that best suits your brand.

  • SSM helps to create clear and simple social media guidelines

Social media marketing services know what is acceptable socially and what is not suitable during COVID-19. This will help you create user-friendly social messages.

  • SSM allows you to take benefit of many free social media features

Social media management services help you take advantage of online groups that would help promote your brand among relevant digital and local communities. For example, these services will help you take benefit of the extended features on Facebook Messenger such as Chatbots, or these services will help you use IG TV (Instagram TV) to post your brands videos to build trust.

  • SSM service help you think look at your business from other perspective

These digital marketing services help you consider what consumers would be looking for in your social media posts. This helps you get idea about how your is brand different from your competitors. In addition to this, questions such as “do you deliver your products or services in a particular manner; how do your products or services differ; how are you engaging to appeal people’s wellbeing; are you using any unique method to collaborate with your consumers; is your service or product beneficial right now; are answered.

Drive results with social media marketing services

As per a recently study, more than 70% of people all over the world now turn to social media when they need to make a purchase. It is one of the essential mediums for buyers in the B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) industry, which is why organizations search for social media management services.

With more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing services, our SMM package is the perfect choice for your business. Our social media marketing services will help your company increase its customer loyalty and brand awareness as well as revenue. Fill out the following form to get a free consultation for social media management and marketing services.

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However, to access the Business Page, we need approval from a page administrator. We ask permission to access your personal page in order to connect through to the Facebook Business Page you are an administrator of.

Please note, Futurism Window will never post to your personal Facebook account. When signing up for the first time, simply keep clicking through the prompts. It will ask you which “Brand Page” you’d like to connect. At that point, you’ll be able to choose your specific Facebook Business Page.

Yes, absolutely! With our easy-to-use Content Calendar, you have the ability to schedule posts to all social networks as far in advance as you’d like, making it easy to build your online presence.

Yes! Your shares to Facebook and Twitter will always post automatically without any additional steps.

The Google+ integration works similarly to the Instagram and Pinterest connections. In order to complete your share, you must first make your Google+ page a standalone business page.


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