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Apptivo Premium Plan - Monthly : Cost per User : $ 8.00 / Month $ 10.00 20% OFF

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Highlights : About Apptivo

Extensive and Exceptional Support

All-in-one Solution

Infinite customizations


Accurate promotions using advanced analytics

Increased customer retention

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About Apptivo

Handling customers are one of the hectic tasks that retail industry has to go through on a daily basis. However, it does not go in vain! The amount of data you gather using a CRM system lets you not only target a market segment with promotions that appeal to its members but also to target individual customers. One of the obvious goals for any CRM system is to increase the customer retention rate by serving them in a more focused and convenient way in addition to acquiring new customers. One well known and effective way to keep your customers coming back is to implement customer loyalty programs. Since Apptivo CRM already track purchases, you can issue reward points and bonuses to keep valuable customers with no fuss. Apptivo CRM stores all the customer information and profile like their interests, feedback, purchases, business cards, contact information. This helps in recording all the history of a customer so you know each one of them individually and you know who your regular customers are and what are their needs. In Apptivo CRM, customer information is stored in Customers app which helps you in for seeing the demands and getting better business and makes the customers' experience better at your store. With Apptivo in place, you could segment customer information based on preferences and demographic data using advanced analytics and reports. In this way, Apptivo CRM reduces promotions that are of no interest to the recipient and increases the relevance of ads you put out.


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Price Cost per User : $ 8.00 / Month $ 10.00 20% OFF
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Product Details


Easy data

Easy data structuring with one centralized hub to manage all your customers from different branches.

Increase customer

Increase customer loyalty and experience using customer information analysis.


One integrated platform to manage all your employees, customers, and other needs, if the need arises.


Extensive and Exceptional Support

All-in-one Solution

Infinite customizations

Accurate promotions using advanced analytics

Increased customer retention

Give the royal treatment

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