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Highlights : About RationalPlan

provides a clean way to break down your project

track project evolution regarding task's completion

manage your company's projects and share resources

get resources and finances under control

build schedules, allocate resources, and manage budgets

brings project's critical issues to your attention

About RationalPlan

RationalPlan is a project management solution that helps small and midsize businesses plan projects, allocate resources, analyze workloads, track work progress, estimate project costs and manage budgets.


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Product Details


Task Management

Schedule the project using work/duration driven activities, dependencies or time constraints. Use milestones, recurrent or splitted tasks.

Gantt Charts

A visual way for planning and tracking tasks using dependencies, baselines and critical path detection.


Increased productivity using comments on tasks and email notifications. Concurrent access with restricted permission rights for users.

Portfolio Management

Create a structure of projects and sub-projects with inter-project dependencies, that share a common pool of resources.


Open and edit any version of Microsoft Project files.

Resource Management

Track workload, detect and solve overallocations through resource leveling. Reduce overtime costs by checking resource availability.

Costs Tracking

Estimate bugets and manage costs using standard or overtime rates. Measure project performance using Earned Value Management.

Web/Desktop Interface

Manage your projects the way you like it: either using a web interface or through a dedicated desktop application.

Automatic Notifications

Stay up to date with the status of your work with automatic notifications for assignments, deadlines or late tasks.


Create various reports with the status of the project and deliver them to stakeholders or other interested parties.

Document Management

Upload documents, set access rights and share them with the project team.


Create working calendars with regular weekday patterns or special working patterns to match different types of projects.


Effortless management and monitoring of projects, budget, and resources.

Quickly identify issues and potential problems that might hamper a project’s progress.

Monitor and follow project progress in terms of completion, schedule, and expenses.

Undo or redo steps on multiple levels.

Build and implement project plans immediately and plan schedules.

The Pareto principle (the 80/20 rule)

Compared with other products, RationalPlan has the same power but is more affordable to users. If you compare, for example, the RationalPlan Single product with Microsoft Project standard version you get 80% of the functionality at 20% of the price. The vendor states that a particular customer, after buying RationalPlan, wanted a refund because could not find certain features that were available in MS Project. After explaining to him where he can find that functionality, the vendor also recommended to keep the product. A few days later, the vendor received this answer: “Now that I get to know RationalPlan better, I wouldn’t want to miss it anymore. You helped me save a lot of money by preventing me from buying MS-Project.”

Embedded project guide

Project management applications tend to be a little bit more complicated and require some training for users to understand how to use them. There are special terms and notions that need additional explanations to understand them. RationalPlan offers an embedded project guide that takes users step by step through the whole process of initiating, planning and controlling a project. It is great for a novice or accidental project manager and also has the power and the tools to assist an experienced one. Once users get used to the software they can hide the project guide, increase the workspace area and create their own pattern in using the product.

Works everywhere

RationalPlan was developed to work on any operating system: Windows, Mac OS X, different Linux flavors. Even more with the cloud service module it can run directly within the browser no matter what the underlying operating system is.

Reliable support

One of the main aspects that RationalPlan believes in is client satisfaction. That is why customer support is a priority for the vendor.


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Our suite of project management software is designed to reach various needs from managing independent projects for individuals or small firms to managing multiple related projects with shared resources for medium and large companies.
Create a role where he can only see the projects he is interested in. Then, after creating a user having such a role, declare the projects he is interested in and he will be able to only see those projects. The same procedure can be used for other types of restrictions like the possibility to only update the projects a user is interested in.

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