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By KEMP Technologies

Features: Application Health Monitoring. Application Performance Optimization.

Platforms Deployments Business Size Mid-Market Price Unclaimed

Loadbalancer org
Loadbalancer org

Loadbalancer org

By Loadbalancer.org

Features: Automated SSL certificate chaining. Automatic Configuration.

Platforms Deployments -NIL- Business Size Mid-Market Price Unclaimed

What Is Load balancing software?

Load balancing software helps distribute resources and incoming traffic to websites or applications. High-traffic sites require distribution tools to effectively scale infrastructure support and ensure proper functionality. These tools help network administrators and IT managers control and distribute traffic across servers, server farms, or server pools. Some solutions provide automation via balancing algorithms that identify fluctuations and distribute resources efficiently. Without load balancing software, companies with high-volume traffic and those with rapidly fluctuating traffic flows would waste resources and potentially damage server equipment. Inefficient resource usage could cause poor functionality, and damaged infrastructure hardware could cause complete site or application failure.

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