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Using Robots in the Construction Industry to Save Money & Manpower

Published: 2/17/2020 6:20:24 AM

Anyone who works in construction knows that the jobs are as rife with potentially dangerous tools and environments as they are mindless time-consuming projects. And anyone dealing with these concerns should know that robots can mitigate them and help you save time and money in the long run. Robots can handle heavy lifting, extreme environments, dangerous procedures, and do the work of a team of men in less time.
Here are some examples of automation that already exists within the construction industry:

Rebar Tying

Tying rebar is a mundane and time-consuming project, one that often prevents other processes within a construction project from being worked on until it is complete. But with robots like TyBot - which ties rebar intersections and only requires one quality control technician to manage the process - you can speed up this step while reducing safety and scheduling risks.


Prefabrication allows entire portions of a structure to be built ahead of time in a controlled location. It often uses 3D printers to automate much of this process, freeing up your budget and workers for more important projects. It’s a great solution with many applications, like for affordable housing.

Material Handlers & Placers

Experienced construction laborers are masters of their craft, but robots can handle heavier payloads, work in more extreme or dangerous environments, and complete projects - like building walls - efficiently. Industrial robots are capable of manipulating objects of all sizes, and can handle tasks like moving products from a conveyor into packaging or picking up and laying bricks, like the MULE.


Going back and forth to retrieve tools and materials is a necessary part of construction, as is collecting products and packages for shipping in a warehouse. However, it’s undeniable that doing so consumes an unnecessary amount of time and manpower. Rovers like Effibot are the solution, as they can follow workers around while carrying packages, tools, and other equipment, so your workers won’t have to waste time going back and forth doing so.

Construction Software

Construction Software Although not as much fun as robots, there are a myriad of software programs available to help manage your construction projects, especially for contractors building homes. They can track scheduling, finances, customers, any other aspects within your company’s workflow.
With so many options available automating labor- and time-intensive processes, there’s no reason for you not to choose a few. The sooner you implement them, the sooner your company can become more efficient and profitable.

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