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Top 5 Signs Your Company Needs an ERP?

Published: 10/30/2020 6:24:53 AM

One of the major concerns that startups and growing businesses face is the need for an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. The question isn’t about if they need an ERP or not. Eventually, every company needs an ERP. The real question is “when.” It is difficult for some businesses to identify when they require an ERP solution. Identifying these telltale signs in time can save a lot of money for businesses. Here are some signs that show why businesses require ERP systems and why they should get one.

  1. Complicated and time-consuming accounting process

Accounting is the only department in the organization that benefits most from an ERP solution. If your business is dependent on the paper-based invoices and sales orders, it might take hours to manually transfer data to an online system. The time invested in performing these errands is meaningless and leads to a considerable lost business and loss of productivity.

Such businesses need an ERP system that can perform different accounting tasks in seconds. The time saved from this can be utilized towards more productive tasks.


  1. Time-consuming information retrieval process

If your business depends on spreadsheets and obsolete systems that require constant updates and monitoring, odds are high that you will waste plenty of time to retrieve data. If your systems are not working swiftly to suffice daily business needs, you are compromising on profit. Your employees must be capable of accessing essential data instantly without wasting any time and without having to search for it in various places.

An effective ERP solution provides a complete view of your business operations whenever needed. Employees can access the right data at the right time to do their job effectively and efficiently.


  1. Complex IT processes

Handling different systems all across the origination can be a difficult task for the IT department. They need to personalize, integrate, and maintain every system separately and also update the system often. All this can add up to huge costs, complexity, and a waste of time and resources. Upgradation of systems alone can cause more issues and these updates are expensive as well as time-consuming.

 ERP system can help you with this issue. Most of the ERP solutions are cloud-based and are updated automatically. In addition to this, you have to pay a minimal monthly cost, which covers maintenance, monitoring, and updating of the system. This saves a lot of time and resources.


  1. Difficulty in inventory management

Every company needs a system to monitor and track whether they have the correct amount of inventory at the correct time in the correct location for smooth running of the business. When customer, inventory, and sales data are not present in one location, it can lead to cross-functional problems. Sales can be interrupted if there is a delay and inventory is out of stock.

 An effective ERP solution keeps all inventory-related processes running smoothly by offering everybody access to the same data without any inconsistencies.


  1. Absence of centralized processes

When the general staff uses one software system to record, track, and process data and the accounting department uses a different solution, then it becomes difficult to stay on the same page. Companies need a central place of interaction and to store information in order to save effort and time, which is wasted by juggling between different software and tools.

 An ERP solution assists you to connect smoothly by centralizing all operations in a common place. You get precise data from all departments since the ERP solution updates in real-time. These solutions offer you a common place for retrieving the latest information.

 In a nutshell, you just had a look at the top 5 reasons to opt for an ERP solution. CREST ERP is one such solution that can help you get rid of the problems mentioned above. In addition to this, if you need any other ERP solution, you can always visit WareBuy, where you can buy different solutions as per your needs.

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