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Success in Ecommerce Starts with the Right Software

Published: 9/10/2019 12:00:00 AM

Ecommerce is, without a doubt, here to stay. It has revolutionized the way people buy and sell goods and services—especially from the standpoint of the small business. With the advent of the commercially available ecommerce software package, small businesses were empowered to tap into a market far greater than any they could have previously reached, and when ecommerce website packages came not long after, it was easier than ever to have a business up and running—with very little overhead and no need for significant investment capital.
They're now nearly ubiquitous, and with so many online businesses competing for their share of internet revenue, it's important to have an ecommerce site which runs smoothly and efficiently—but even then, some problems arise. The two main problems that plague small businesses online when it comes to successfully converting a visitor into a paying customer are speed and complexity. If a shopping experience takes too long, or requires too many steps to complete, the odds are likely that a would-be customer will abandon the process and look elsewhere.
Let's look at the first major problem: speed. An ecommerce site has to be fast. If you have a prospective customer online searching for a product, you have to get that search result in front of them quickly. Slow loading sites lose customers, who get tired of waiting and instead look to another source for the goods or services they're interested in purchasing. Having the right ecommerce shopping cart software can help speed up your customer's access to your products, helping you retain their business (and their dollars!).
The second biggest problem faced by online retailers is complexity. If it takes too long to get from finding a product to being able to check out, customers lose patience and either abandon their shopping carts—or worse, try to find a competitor selling the same product in a more efficient, streamlined way. Studies have shown that the most effective online shopping cart software has a maximum of five steps between adding an item to a cart and completing an order.
Choosing the right software and the right implementation is critical to your success as a small business conducting ecommerce. Luckily, expert help is available. The friendly, knowledgeable professionals at Warebuy can help guide you through this process. Contact them today with any questions you might have—they'll be able to suggest solutions custom tailored to your unique needs.

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