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SEO For Doctors: Benefits And Tips For Doctors

Published: 6/5/2020 8:22:26 AM

Doctors and different healthcare organizations can leverage the power of SEO to build their reputation and optimize patient care. It is seen that most doctors are often not very familiar with SEO for doctors or its impact on their practice. By utilizing search engines, doctors can reach out to maximum number of patients. Let us have a detailed look at SEO for medical practices and doctors.

What is a Doctor SEO?

Doctor SEO is a comprehensive term for search–engine centered marketing activities that help boosting search engine rankings for medical website so that treatment centers, doctors, and physicians can reach more patients who may be interested in their services. In simple words, medical SEO or doctor SEO term relates to SEO strategies that help boost value of any medical website, and indirectly the revenues.

SEO Service For Doctors: Why Is It Important?

Even though social media is an effective way to strengthen your online presence, search engines are the major sources of traffic. This makes SEO even more significant.

Before patients look for a physician or a doctor, they search the web for information about their symptoms. As per a study by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, around 72% of online users say they have searched online for health information and 35% are users who have searched to understand what medical condition they might have. This shows that if you are not creating content and offering valuable data to potential patients, they will land on a competitor’s website.

Local SEO for doctors and medical practices is necessary since it helps ensure your practice and service appears highly for localized searches. It is also essential because it can assist you to appear on the first page of search results. This is very significant because most people do not look past the first page of search engine results. As per a survey, sites listed on the page one of Google search results create 92% of traffic from an average search.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Doctor SEO Services?

A rising number of users are using search engines to search doctors in their region. This means you must rank in the results if you wish to reach them. The medical SEO not only helps you in ranking well but also to capture their attention from the first page of search results. In addition to this, here are some other advantages of doctor SEO strategies:

  • Increased Visibility: When prospective patients look online for your type of specialization or service, your website must rank high in the search results. Being at the top of search results, places you in front of possible patients. Google is the leading search engine in the world. Therefore, it is a solid endorsement when your name appears at the top of the search results. As users trust Google, they indirectly trust you when your name appears at the top.
  • Low Patient Acquisition Costs: Acquiring new patients is one of your marketing objectives. This is usually accomplished through various traditional advertising techniques. These advertising activities might cost you more money and minimal results. With effective SEO services for doctors, you can reduce the overall marketing cost. This is because digital marketing strategies are less costly as compared to other forms of advertising. Owing to the increasing penetration of Internet you can stay assured of visibility. SEO enables you to acquire new patients much quickly and for less expense. With reduced marketing costs, you have the flexibility to spend more time streamlining your goals and to invest in targeted outreach.
  • Higher ROI: Doctor SEO is beneficial for your medical practice as compared to other forms of marketing strategies or advertising. This is because SEO for medical practices is an inbound marketing strategy and lets you to market to qualified leads who are searching for services and products similar to yours. To convey your message to your target audience, you need not take up expensive space in a magazine where they are reading an article or interrupt their favorite TV show. All you have to do is get online when they are searching for medical practices similar to yours.
  • Enhanced Credibility: Most potential patients make mental notes of the keywords they search for. Your website ranking is a vote of confidence in the minds of potential patients. They feel if Google has trust on this medical practice, then it must be relevant and trustworthy. Your future patients may not realize it, but high rankings in search results make you more credible in their eyes.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Doctor SEO services are cost-effective strategies as they aim on future patients who are already searching online for services same as yours. Doctor SEO strategies can assist you save money as compared to conventional strategies such as cold calling. While cold calling is a proven strategy, the lead generation is 61% more costly as compared to the SEO. Moreover, because medical SEO targets patients who are already looking online for similar services, the traffic is better-qualified as opposed to other marketing strategies, leading to cost savings.
  • Increased Traffic: We all know that having strong online presence and high-quality website are important nowadays. However, there is no point in having a website that does not get much patient traffic that fits your target demographic, since this will not benefit your business or you. Certainly, the point of having a website is to get more people to visit the site with the goal of converting them into patients. By using doctor SEO effectively, you can enhance the placement of your website, which in turn increases website traffic.

Doctor SEO Marketing Tips

With doctor SEO services offering so much of benefits, here are some marketing tips that can be useful:

  • Stay Local: For most doctors, good SEO means remaining local. Unless you wish to encourage medical tourism, target your efforts on reaching patients in your local region. Many physicians make the mistake of trying to reach patients who will need to travel to them, but when you have potential patients in your local area, there is no need to make patients travel a long distance to get to you. Rather, use local SEO for doctors by optimizing your website with the name of your region or city. In addition to this, make sure you are listed in local directories so prospective patients can easily find information about your practice.
  • Blogs: Since the healthcare sector is constantly evolving, physicians need to offer patients with informative materials and useful resources. For almost every health condition, the patient will have queries about medications, treatment options, and diagnosis of the condition. Blogs are one of the most effective ways to offer patients with relevant, accessible, and recent high-quality information. In addition to this, blogs are a great tool for doctor SEO. Blogs keep your website up to date and fresh with the newest trends and establish you as an authority within your industry. Creating an effective blog will also boost traffic to the doctor’s website.
  • Review Your Website: SEO for medical practices is highly influenced by the message you convey to patients. Making your website’s content relevant, unique, and informative to your patients is the best practice for enhancing your website’s rankings. It is always a good idea to double check your website thoroughly in order to be sure that your website contains no duplicate content or pages. Having duplicate content or pages can cause problems with your search engine results. Google Analytics is a useful and effective tool that can be used to track the success of the website. Google Analytics keeps track of how many visitors a particular website gets, and also keeps track of what areas of a website get the most hits. In this way, doctors will actually know what works for their website and what doesn’t.
  • Link Building: The practice of building hyperlinks back to your website is known as Link Building. This is essential because it is a major signal to Google that your website has accurate and relevant information. There are many SEO strategies to build links. However, you need to think locally as mentioned earlier. Sponsor local events, reach out to local papers and be sure to see where you or your practice might already be mentioned online. In this way, you can request a link back.

Having said that, doctor SEO plays a major role to reach out to more patients. Besides helping to increase the revenue, these SEO strategies also help doctors to get ranked top in google search results. If you are looking to such digital marketing service packages, you can contact us and boost your business.

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