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How CRM Software Helps to Improve SEO Results

Published: 5/6/2020 9:43:56 AM

Effective SEO strategies are often used to increase online visibility and eventually boost sales for an organization. Most of the times, SEO strategies involve trend discovery, careful keyword analysis, and an implementation plan to attract traffic and crowd to the website. On the other hand, customer relationship management tools capture information from would-be customers once they make a decision to take the next step by asking for more data. Want to know how CRM improves your SEO results? How CRM and SEO are related? Read below to know more.

When you closely analyze the features of CRM system, you would notice that they line up perfectly with the goals of an effective SEO strategy. Here are some ways your CRM tools can help you get enhanced SEO results:

Record your Keywords

Content is the king and it will always remain! With the correct combination of words, users are either able to find you. With the help of CRM software, you can record conversations and keywords that you have with users. “High volume count” keywords can be used in your website content, as it will help improve your SEO results. Keyword recording can give a clear idea to an entire business of what words they must be using in order to be found online. This might boost sales and revenue for your company ultimately since the correct keywords will help in making your online presence strong.

Learn from Customer Feedback

CRM tools are majorly used to improve the relation between you and your customer. Hence, know the needs of your customer well, take feedback from them, and help understand their pain points. This will help you know what your customers need and eventually let you plan your SEO strategies accordingly. In this manner, you can better tailor your content and keywords to address your customers’ needs, thereby improving your SEO results.

Convert your SEO Leads

SEO is of no use if your website is not enough engaging and people do not respond to your CTA (call to actions). In this case, you need to follow up with your leads so that you can successfully convert them into buyers. Here CRM can help you. How? If integrate CRM with your SEO strategies, you will know how many conversions you’re generating, whether your SEO is bringing the right types of users to your pages, and what brought these users to your website in the first place. This will eventually lead to improved SEO with outstanding results.

Impact of Reviews

If your business is listed on third-part reviews, you better make sure that they are on your side. Third-party reviews might hamper your business if they are fake, poor, or there are no reviews at all. CRM can help you get tons of positive review. How? The math is simple here—if you are doing your CRM work right, your customers eventually end up being satisfied. And these are the same customers who will naturally end up putting positive reviews for you.

Having said this, it is CRM and SEO that walk hand in hand and are directly (or indirectly) related to each other, having a great impact on your sales and revenue.

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