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How AI Will Change the Modern Workplace

Published: 8/13/2019 12:00:00 AM

Artificial Intelligence promises to revolutionize nearly every aspect of modern life, especially in the business sector. When thinking about the future of the workplace and the impact AI is likely to have, it’s easy to predict that the changes will be widespread and far-reaching. But AI, according to some experts, is not likely to steal your job—it is, in fact, more likely to act as an adjunct, assisting you in whatever it is you do by taking care of the mundane tasks, freeing up the individual worker to focus on tasks which require (for now) a human touch.
Workers may have to get used to a level of monitoring  that they currently aren’t subject to—in order to collect the data that AIs need to analyze in order to do the kind of work that AIs specialize in, almost every aspect of a worker’s daily routine will have to be recorded in one way or another.
In the workplace of the future, AIs will likely be monitoring everything—not just the individual worker, but the workplace as a whole, with recording devices becoming ubiquitous. AI will not only make this kind of monitoring possible—it is likely to require it in order to provide conditions favorable to a more productive and effective workplace.
One possible offshoot of this kind of nascent technology would be in something as simple as workplace design itself. As AIs monitor the ebb and flow of worker movement in a typical office or on a factory floor, they could identify better, more efficient and effective layouts to maximize worker output. Though privacy concerns are, obviously, something that would need to be addressed, the benefits that AI could provide is unquestionable.
Artificial Intelligence isn’t likely to hire or fire candidates, or autonomously post a job looking for a new software engineer or development planner. There are limits to what the technology can do, and the way that AIs “think” makes them specialized in areas that aren’t yet a threat to certain aspects of typical employment, especially in the tech sector.
When it comes to hiring solutions, for instance, it’s not likely that the AI revolution will be able to take on the task of making those kinds of decisions or allocating resources to hire employees or decide on the best way to secure the kind of managed support an organization might need.
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