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AI-Driven Marketing: How Marketing is Evolving in 2019

Published: 8/14/2019 12:00:00 AM

The amount of information available via the internet increases every minute. For marketers, who rely on being able to get their product in front of an audience likely to be interested in it, this presents a unique challenge. Today, marketers are faced with the task of devising a new digital marketing strategy that will allow them to stand out among an ever-increasing amount of competing information.
Luckily, some of the information available out there includes marketing services useful to marketers in finding their customer base. The challenge, then, becomes sorting through all the data to create personalized marketing messages for individuals most likely to be interested in your brand.
Consumers expect marketing that is unique and personalized especially for them. After all, they are bombarded by ads of all sorts daily. Anyone who’s used Facebook or Google has witnessed this phenomenon. It seems as, almost by magic, social media and search engine platforms somehow know how to suggest a product or service that you’re likely to be interested in. Email marketing to prospective customers used to this level of personalization is especially challenging.
To automate this kind of personalization, marketers have to learn new skills and use new tools. Collecting and analyzing customer data from multiple varied sources, collating and unifying it, and finally utilizing it to automate the process of providing personalized, individual marketing is a daunting job. And to be able to do it for large numbers of individuals, all with unique and specific consumer profiles? Almost unthinkably difficult.
Until now. Luckily, marketers can harvest the power of Artificial Intelligence to make these tasks doable. AI-driven marketing will allow marketers to change the physical work they are doing – no longer spending hours and days segmenting contacts. Integrating AI into your digital marketing plan isn’t just a good idea—it’s a necessary one.
By embedding artificial intelligence and machine learning into your marketing efforts, you’ll be able to harness the power of this expansive new technology in a way that will allow you to scale personalization and handle all that data.
That’s where the experts at Warebuy come in, by being able to help you analyze your marketing needs and strategize with you to choose the right integration of AI and machine learning processes, Warebuy can help you face these new challenges, and reach your customers in ways never before possible.

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