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8 Low-Cost Software Solutions for Entrepreneur

Published: 10/1/2019 7:45:20 AM

If you’re running your own business, or helping run a business, then you are well aware of how it important it is to choose the right software.
The unfortunate reality for many entrepreneurs and executives is that operating on a small budget can limit your options for effective software solutions. The good news is that with today’s technology, there are many affordable (and free) software solutions available to choose from. Whether you are looking for business startup consulting, entrepreneur startup solutions, or small business software, there are a ton of options to get your dollar to stretch further.
Listed below are a few software options that we highly recommend for entrepreneurs. Finding the right solutions for your business can help make your job easier by maximizing the efficiency of your business processes. Without the proper software solution, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to improve your business operations which is crucial, especially considering that half of all startups fail within the first year.
Check out top 8 low-cost software solutions for entrepreneurs:


Quickbooks is a very basic software solution for bookkeeping. However, when your budget is tight, investing in a full fledged accounting team may not be an option. For this reason, QuickBooks is often used by nonprofits. The initial setup fee can be pricey, but keep in mind that business software is a tax write off.


If you’re looking for a free option, Spiceworks offers superb network monitoring and management services. Users have access to a helpdesk, full equipment inventory, and everything else that’s necessary for you to properly manage multiple PCs from anywhere in the world.There is also an iPhone app that allows you to manage your IT tool on the go.

3.Google Drive

Google Drive or any similar cloud technology will allow you to easily store files and share documents. The software is super simple to use, and allows you to virtually collaborate with team members and edit files from anywhere in real time. Finding the right cloud technology software can help you lower overhead costs and ensure that the team remains in sync.


Even if you’re not an e-commerce company, you will probably have to take care of many administrative tasks as a business executive. Stamps.com lets you print postage on demand. When you’re busy running a business, your time is valuable. Stamps.com allows you to avoid those dreaded trips to the post office, so you have more time to focus on what’s important.

5.Microsoft Office

You’re probably already familiar with Microsoft Office. The tools available in this suite are great for putting together presentations and record keeping. Be sure you have the latest version installed on your system.

6.Adobe Acrobat

Take advantage of the free software reader available with Adobe Acrobat. You can easily convert word files into PDF docs, and open PDF files that are sent to you.

7. Slack

Slack lets teams communicate and collaborate on the go. Slack channels allow file-sharing, phone calls, and direct messaging to individuals or groups. Its communication for the 21st century.


HR is often complex and paper-heavy. HR workflows like GoCo helps simplify the process using a modern, all-in-one platform. The internet-based human resources and benefits platform allows HR executives to perform onboarding and off-boarding tasks, document management, time-off tracking, performance management, and full compliance and benefits administration. 

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