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7 Must-have Software for an Ecommerce Business

Published: 8/22/2019 12:00:00 AM

Running your own business is an exciting venture, but it’s also extremely time consuming. Whether you’re just starting an e-commerce business or you’re in need of additional resources to increase efficiency with your established e-commerce business, there are several cost-effective software tools to help meet your needs.
Small business owners must make the right investment when it comes to selecting technology options. Today, there are countless platforms and tools available online to help improve efficiency and growth for e-commerce businesses. However, with so many options it can be a challenge to figure out which toolkit will be the best fit for your organization.
In this article, we will explore seven must-have software for e-commerce business owners.

Client Relationship Management Software

The relationship between the customer and the seller may continue even after an order is completed. This can happen for a number of reasons. For example, the seller may have to process exchanges or requests for returns.  A CRM software helps with managing customers by gathering and storing relevant data, such as the customer’s name, email or phone number, shipping address, and order history.

Inventory Management Software

If you’re an ecommerce business with stores in multiple locations, it can be a challenge to keep track of stock levels. A catalogue management software provides a centralized database for tracking stock levels and inventory across multiple warehouses.

Lead Generation Software

This software automates the process of attracting leads online and gathering info about them so you can stay in contact. This tool will attract more users to your website using tactics like organic SEO and paid search advertising.

Point of Sale Software

POS software allows transactions to take place between the customer and the company. The system stores transactions, manages inventory, and analyzes sales patterns efficiently.

Online Chat Support

Live chat software helps customers connect directly with your customer service team in case any aspect of the checkout experience is confusing or unclear.

Subscription Management Software

A subscription management software integrates with a payment gateway. This allows you to securely connect credit cards with a merchant’s bank account. Subscription management software streamlines the process for collecting subscriptions and other recurring bills. Features include automated payment reminders, trial periods, discounts, promotions, coupons, etc. You can also create multiple pricing structures and retry schedules for failed payments.

Cart Abandonment Software

Cart abandonment emails can help retailers re-engage with customers who add items to their cart but fail to convert. The email is automatically generated when a user closes the window without completing the purchase. It displays the users abandoned cart items alongside a call-to-action for them to go back to the site.
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