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5 Skills That Have Highest Demand During The Covid-19 Lockdown

Published: 5/29/2020 5:41:56 AM

The present coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted various job sectors. Millions of people all over the world have already lost their jobs. As per a recent study, 47 million people in the US alone (which translates to a 32.1% rate of unemployment) have lost their jobs due to the current health crisis. On the other hand, the demand for some skills has increased significantly. Companies tend to hire resources online with specialized certifications in niche skills across business segments. If you are hunting for your dream job during this lockdown, here are the top five skills that will help you get hired.

  1. User Interface/ User Experience (UI/UX) Design

The importance of UI/UX design has increased tremendously in the last few years and companies have shifted their focus on user experience. Nowadays, organizations do not incline on changing their website’s backend, which is more complicated. Rather, they aim on making the UI more customer-friendly, which is why they tend to hire UI/UX designers. In addition to this, the advent of smartphone apps and inclination towards ease of use has only accelerated the demand for enhanced UL/UX design. On average, UX designers make around $70,000–110,000 a year (based on the experience), while UI designers make an average of almost $60,000–90,000 a year. 

  1. Python

Python is one of the most loved programming languages due to its rapidly expanding implementation across new niches, including artificial intelligence (AI), data science, and machine learning. In addition to this, the language is efficient and easy to learn as well as usually taught in colleges and schools. Owing to its rapid implementation in different sectors, companies tend to hire python developers or dedicated python programmers to suffice their needs during this health crisis. According to a study by PayScale, the average salary of a Python developer is $77,362 per year. And seeing the present scenario and rising popularity of python, the figure is certain to increase.

  1. Digital Marketing

The digital transformation of companies has been accelerated due to coronavirus. Therefore, companies will hire digital marketing expert, and people with digital marketing skills will become even more important than before. People who can run digital business during pandemics and economic downturns will be preferred by a number of companies. In addition to this, all companies have gone digital in some or the other ways. So, the chances to put digital marketing skills to work are limitless. As per a study, the average digital marketer salary in the US alone is $61,352 per year. This number will soon turn into a 6-digit figure during the current crisis.

hire digital marketer

  1. Node.js

Node Javascript (Node.js) is another language that is in demand during this lockdown, thanks to its application for building real-time data-intensive IoT (Internet of Things) devices and programs. In addition to this, it is an open-source server environment that operates on different platforms such as Windows, Unix, and Linux for executing Javascript (JS), which is used for creating webpages. Since IoT-based services and products are the areas that interest IT companies, the demand for candidates with Node.js skillset has increased significantly. According to PayScale, the average Node.js developer salary is $77,362 per year with a median hourly rate of $26.75.

  1. Cybersecurity

Hacking has become too common nowadays. With so many hackers targeting startups and business, cybersecurity skills are on the rise. The current pandemic is a perfect opportunity for people who are able to cope with hacking issues easily. Companies will hire resources online and appoint cybersecurity experts, especially in such times when everyone is going digital and online. As per a study, the average salary of a cybersecurity analyst is around $99,790 per year.

In a nutshell, if you are an expert in one of the abovementioned skills, you will still be in demand and will likely struggle less to find employment. The good news is that learning new skills or improving your current skills has never been simpler. Today, it does not require hefty loans or years of study to build up your skillset. Having the above mentioned skills make you in-demand currently, as well as prepare you for the post-coronavirus job market.

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