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Unlock Creativity with Wipster’s Video Workflow

Intuitive Video Review through Frame-Based Commenting

Video Campaign Analytics

About Wipster

Wipster is a dynamic video collaboration and publishing platform that optimizes the workflow of teams from brands, production companies, and media companies and agencies with regards to creating videos and delivering them to audiences across social media and video platforms. With Wipster, they will be able to make creative and beautiful video contents on video workspaces fast, allowing them to perform their tasks rapidly and spend more time with their families and friends. Wipster delivers a video workflow which is transparent and easy to access, permitting creative teams to accomplish projects quickly and systematically and build a culture that gives room for seamless collaboration. The video collaboration and publishing platform also streamlines the process of searching and reviewing videos. Users can find the videos they need in seconds using metadata information and tags. They can review videos by adding comments and feedback directly to frames. After publishing their videos on social media and video platforms, Wipster enables teams to access analytics that they can easily comprehend. Thus, they can gain insights into how video contents are being consumed by audiences, such as which videos they are viewing most often, how long they are playing videos, and how active they are in voicing out their thoughts and opinions about the videos they are watching. Wipster integrates with some popular applications such as Slack and Adobe Creative Cloud, widely used video platforms like Youtube and Vimeo, and leading social media platforms which include Facebook and Twitter. The platform can even work on mobile devices which makes it easy for users to perform video-related tasks while on the go.


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All Your Videos in One Place

Intuitive Video Review through Frame-Based Commenting

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Unlock Creativity with Wipster’s Video Workflow

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Video Campaign Analytics

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Organizes And Consolidates All Your Videos In One Central Place

One of the astonishing features offered by Wipster is that it organizes and consolidates all videos in one central place. As a result, creative teams will be able to perform their tasks and complete projects fast. Team members can quickly view the comments and feedback of their colleagues about the videos they created. They can also easily understand how audiences are interacting and engaging with their videos. All the video activities and analytics they need are accessible from one central dashboard.

A Video Workflow That Helps Creative Teams Work Systematically, Stay Focused, And Save Time

Wipster delivers a video workflow that helps team organize and perform their video-related tasks systematically, stay focused, and save more time. Using this workflow they will be able to produce beautiful videos in a snap. Wipster’ s video workflow makes it easy for users to collaborate on videos. When they are reviewing videos, they can directly enter comments and feedback into the video frames. The video workflow also indicates which stage of the project a video is currently in, such as if the video requires further modifications, changes are currently being applied to the video, the video is already approved, or when it is about to be published. This keeps team members on the loop, giving them easy access to project updates.

Simplifies Video Publishing

Publishing videos using Wipster is a breeze. Because the platform organizes and consolidates all videos in one place, users can immediately publish and distribute videos across social media and video platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Wistia, Vimeo and Brightcove. Also, they no longer need to use multiple logins to deliver video contents to various audiences.

Gain Insights Into The Performance Of Your Video Campaigns

Wipster has a video analytics feature that simplifies how teams obtain insights into the performance of the video campaigns they are launching. The platform aggregates analytics data which they can leverage to find out which videos are popular and often watched by audiences, how long audiences are watching videos, and how they are engaging with the videos.

Gives Context To Your Video Contents And Assets

Another feature included in Wipster is media asset management. This feature helps teams neatly organize all their video contents and assets, encompassing video curation, classification, and searching. The platform permits them to give context to their videos by showing all relevant information about each video like metadata information, review history, and publishing analytics data.

Search For Videos Using Keyword Tags

When it comes to searching for videos, Wipster enables users to quickly look for the specific videos they need. Keyword tags can be added to videos. So, when they need to retrieve a previously created and edited video to add new modifications to it, they will be able quickly to access the video they are looking for using its corresponding keyword tag.

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