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About vzaar

Vzaar is a video hosting solution that caters to businesses and organizations across multiple industries and is built with tons of features including customization, video management, security and analytics among others. It can be implemented for a variety of purposes and can be customized diverse video hosting needs of multiple user types, from publishers, advertisers, educators, and more, resulting in excellent viewing experience for their audience. With Vzaar, users can easily organize their videos, create and edit video clips, schedule playlists, and automate playback. It gives users a comprehensive solution to manage their videos the way that works for them. Users also get a robust player platform filled to the brim with features that allow them to customize the look and feel of their clips to further enhance viewer experience and empower them to interact, engage, and convert.


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Total Control

Vzaar places you in the pilot seat when it comes to managing your videos. From a centralized platform, you can create and edit videos, categorize and schedule your clips, make playlists and set them to play on a scheduled basis, or easily share videos to your audiences via channels and platforms they prefer. Video management is a total breeze for you and your team.

Uploading Success All The Time

Uploading videos can be a pain especially when you work with heavy videos and laggy upload process. With Vzaar, speedy uploads are the norm. It is a very reliable platform that ensures all your uploads are done fast and without fail so that you can channel your energy and efforts on other pending matters.

Customizable Player

You want a player that plays videos on a consistent basis, shows off your branding and enhances the viewing experience of your audience. Vzaar supplies you with a player platform that you can tailor in terms of look and feel so it reflects your brand. It is very lightweight and responsive and can play videos on any device, ensuring your audience top quality playback whenever, wherever.

Industry-Grade Security

Video piracy and unauthorized access are major concerns that are adequately addressed by Vzaar. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) protection ensures that your videos are only played on secure devices and prevents unauthorized downloading. You can also use the Domain Control function which allows viewers to play your videos only on your website.

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