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Share Video Slideshows With Family And Friends

Create Videos For Marketing Campaigns

Capture Photos And Sequences

About Slidely

Slidely is a cloud-based visual content creation platform designed for personal and business use. It is comprised of a suite of creative applications which permits the creation of beautiful and stunning video slideshows and publishing or sharing of such videos on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With Slidely, users will be able to instantly create video slideshows from their own collection of photos and music they love. They can even do this on their mobile phones as the platform provides a mobile application used for enhancing photos and videos slideshows Furthermore, Slidely is capable of producing beautiful collages and galleries through the aid of its style templates and arts. As users make their video slideshows, they can easily grab photos and capture footages from almost anywhere online. Also, they will be able to quickly incorporate music into their video slideshows. Last but not the least, Slidely has a video production service dedicated to launching video marketing campaigns and product promotions.


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Video Production Service

Video Slideshows On Mobile

Capture Photos And Sequences

Beautiful Photo Galleries

Music Videos

Grab Photos Anywhere

Create Videos For Marketing Campaigns

Turn Photos And Videos Into Movies

Stunning Photo Collections/Collages

Remix Photos

Add Effects And Music To Video Slideshows

Share Video Slideshows With Family And Friends


Create Marketing Videos

Promo is the name of Slidely’s video production service that helps businesses, online marketers, and creatives come up with videos and content needed for their marketing campaigns and product promotions. With this service, they can access millions of premium video clips and hand-picked music. In addition, it lets them quickly add logo and text to their marketing videos. Promo can be used to create product teasers, promote brand awareness, drive more traffic to a website, and reduce cost per click.

Enhance And Share Video Slideshows From Mobile Phones

In Slidely, photos and videos can be transformed into stunning video slideshows and amazing movies. This is because the platform has a mobile app which allows users to create and design meaningful and beautiful video slideshows and movies directly from their mobile device. They can enhance their video slideshows by selecting themes and adding songs. Once they are able to turn their photos and videos to movies, Slidely lets them share their output online.

Music Videos

The video creation platform also permits the creation of music videos which can be uploaded to YouTube, saved to a device, and shared everywhere. Effects and music can be included in music videos, and scenes can be combined. In fact, users will be able to create music videos from their iPhone.

Capture Photos And Sequences

The ability to instantly capture photos and sequences is also made possible in Slidely. As the perfect moments are being captured from videos, awesome effects and fun stickers can be added.

Beautiful Photo Galleries And Collages

To wrap it up, Slidely makes the creation of beautiful photo galleries and collages a breeze. With such feature, users will be able to produce postcards. Additionally, they can transform a collage into a video slideshow or an animated photo gallery. By remixing photos, they can create fun video slideshows.

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