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Monthly Fee : $ 1500.00 / Month

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Highlights : About Retail SEO Package

20 long tail competitive keywords optimized.

Boosting brand visibility on all local search directories.

Customer engagement through various social media platforms.

Improving business visibility across all major search engines – Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

About Retail SEO Package

For a long time, retail services were only limited to brick-and-mortar stores. Why bother wasting a whole day looking for a particular thing that may or may not be in a shop, when you can just look for it online and order it? Online retailing has turned out to be an essential part of our lives and it seems difficult to imagine a world without it. But in order to lead the online market, it is important that users are able to find your service on the Internet first. For this, we provide retail SEO services to make your retail website’s online presence strong, ensuring that you are not losing out on reaping the potential advantages.


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Find the perfect service package for your business with simple pricing

Service Details

Package Detail

Traffic improvement in 6 month up to 30%.

Keywords ranking improvement in 6 month up to 75% (Google, Yahoo, Bing).

Content will be provided by client (optional).

All our work is handmade, there’s no artificial bots, spam, or pesticides in our organic strategies.

Campaign we work on is entirely bespoke to your industry, your business, and your team.

Increase visibility within the algorithmic (“natural”, “organic”, or “free”) search results to deliver high quality, targeted traffic to your website.

Retail SEO Package Highlights

To Create A Strong Presence In The Market.

To Grab The Attention Of Customers.

To Pursued People To Buy.

To Make Your Brand Available On Various Local Directories.

To Make Your Business Site Available On Search Engine.

To Ensure Long Term Stability Of Your Business.

To Generate The Credibility Of Your Business And Make You Look Legit.

To build the better standard among competitors.

SEO Process

20 Keywords (Long Tail Keywords ) Optimization.

Generating Quality Backlinks.

Content Optimization.

Meta Tags Optimization.

Upload Google Disavow List.

Duplicate Content Check.

Landing Page Analysis.

Competitor Analysis.

Call to Action Optimization.

Landing Page A/B Testing.

Bad Backlink Check.

Page Speed Optimization.

Image Optimization.

Heading Tags Optimization.

Ranking Check.

Webmaster Analysis.

Google Analytics Check.

Code Optimization.

Structure Data Implementation.

Local Search Website Optimization

Google Local/Bing Local Listing.

Local Business Listing.

Local Business Reviews.

Social Media Marketing - 04 Hours Weekly

Creating Facebook Page and Update.

Creating Twitter Page and Update.

Creating Linkedin Company Page and Update.

Creating Google+ Page and Update.

Online Branding

Understanding the value.

Research your audience.

Give your brand a voice.

Plan your social media integration.

Build up your reputation online.

Content Marketing

Internal Blog Post Creating - 2 Post per month.

Creating Articles for How to Section - 1 per month.

Creating Industry Specific and Application Specific Page.

eHow Article Writing & Submission - Not included in this packages.

Research/Reporting Allowance

Pre optimization Report.

Future Suggestion for Enhancement.

Google Analytics Report.

Detail Work Activities Report.

Keywords Ranking Report.

Detail Traffic Analysis Report.


Minimum 6 month


SEO Guaranteed Service

Our SEO service comes with guarantee under which we offer you at least 40% of your total keywords in top 10 rankings within agreed timeframe (usually 6 months). Please note that ranking guarantee for particular number of keywords as mentioned in our SEO packages above is only considered when target keywords and website both are accepted by our team of experts. For example, if a website has any kind of issues with Google i.e. penalty etc..., we cannot offer guarantee in such cases.

How SEO For Retailers is Beneficial For Your Business?

Internet has become a popular mean for retail business and online store is a huge benefit to SMEs as it has extended the market. The escalating number of online web store and visitors show the importance of SEO for retailers. The objective of SEO marketing for retail stores is to build an identity in the global business market for retailers. Following are the few benefits of retail SEO:

Having an edge in the competition:

Most users do not visit the second page of the search results. Search engines have algorithms that measure the amount of traffic and interaction a specific website is getting, and on the basis of that they offer rankings. The top-ranking sites are displayed in the first pages of search results. With our retail SEO services, it is made sure that you are not depriving yourself of the exposure that your rivals may be getting.

Increased visibility:

Even when it comes to purchasing from brick-and-mortar stores, most users first perform some online research of the item they want to purchase. The more data they get about the item, the more they prefer to purchase the item. This is especially true when it comes to clothing and fashion. Users wish to know what is fashionable and trendy every season and they come to know about it through Internet. With retail SEO package, your retail website gets content, which is customized to fashion-based and highly relevant SEO keywords. This drastically increases the odds of people coming across your content online.

Enhanced marketing:

Content created using retail SEO does not need constant funding to promote itself. Search engines push such content automatically to the users looking for similar products. This saves retail businesses a lot of money when it comes to marketing.

How can SEO management services help your Retail business grow in COVID 19?

SEO has proved to be a boon during the coronavirus pandemic for retail businesses. Here’s how:

SEO makes sure your business can be found online

In case you have missed, more users are online currently and search traffic has increased drastically over the past few months. Retail SEO helps you to climb to the top of Google’s SERPs (search engine results pages) so your business can be found easily.

SEO helps you stay ahead in the competition

Retail SEO services help you move past your competition by boosting organic traffic on your website. Hence, when users look for specific keywords, you are one they end up interacting. Failing to opt for retail SEO package will lead to loss of valuable ground in the search results, which could cost your business a fortune.

SEO prepares your business for the post-COVID surge

Eventually, the pandemic outbreak should fade. Implementing retail SEO now will help you in the long run. Using SEO strategies will impact your organic search traffic tomorrow.

Why Should You Choose our Retail SEO Packages?

We know how much of a difference retail SEO can have when it comes to increasing revenues for online retail stores. Our expertise of the ins and outs of retail SEO will ensure that you gain more customers. Our retail SEO services helps you create unique and quality content that is optimized to boost your sales in the most efficient manner. With our retail SEO package, we help the retail businesses organize their promotions and their websites in unique but user-friendly manner so that it might smoothen users’ online experience. Here are some more reasons for you to opt our retail SEO services:

Goals-Based Approach:

Different retail businesses have different objectives and requirements. Some need to focus on marketing their brand while some want to aim on marketing a product to increase its sales. We create content that is developed to assist you achieve your specific objectives and we do this in a proper sophisticated way to offer guaranteed results.

Focus on Local SEO:

Even though the majority of retail SEO service is aimed on online marketing, a huge number of users look for products which can be locally found. This opens up their options for analyzing the physical items if they feel the need to examine them in a more detailed manner. We ensure that significance to local products also given so that apart from online traffic, offline traffic for physical retail stores is also increased.

Mobile Marketing:

Most users want to access online retail shop and stores on the go. This is why it has become essential that all retail stores must concentrate on mobile marketing. Our retail SEO creates unique content for your products that are customized for mobile marketing.

Transparent Reports:

Good communications between our clients and our work is essential to us. We continuously offer detailed reports about the statistics and status of the promotions to our clients.

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