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About PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a photo editing and graphic design software that allows you to create professional-looking and attractive visuals for social media posts, cover photos, advertisements, and other digital assets. PicMonkey provides easy-to-use tools for you to edit and customize images online. You can crop and resize images, apply filters and effects, and retouch portraits, letting you transform ordinary images into stunning artworks. PicMonkey comes with a gallery of design templates created by artists. You can choose the templates for your projects and add your own photos and texts. Moreover, you can access graphics, alignment, and layers palettes to add and control design elements. PicMonkey also makes it easy for you and your colleagues to share and collaborate on designs. You can store your projects in shared spaces and invite others to join your projects via a shareable link or email.


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Edit photos online

PicMonkey makes editing photos online fast and fun. With PicMonkey’s basic photo editing tools, you can do image cropping, resizing, and exposure adjustment. You can also apply filters and effects to your images to make them look more attractive. PicMonkey is also built with tools for retouching photos. You can perform precise face edits like fixing blemishes and removing wrinkles. Moreover, the software provides you with advanced touch-up capabilities such as changing the skin tone, applying eyeliner, and choosing lipstick shades.

Design unique digital assets

PicMonkey lets you unleash your creativity and produce unique and amazing designs for your projects. You’re given the option to create designs from scratch using a pre-sized canvas or choose from its collection of design templates. The design templates are created by professional artists and ideal for design projects like social media posts, business cards, banners, infographics, advertisements, invitations, logos, and posters. You can add fonts, textures, graphics, and photos to your designs. In addition, you can use PicMonkey’s layers feature to level up your designs. This feature enables you to create gradient layers, add text layers, and apply effects to specific layers or groups of layers.

Real-Time Collaboration

The photo editing and graphic design software permits users to efficiently share designs with each other and collaborate on projects in real-time. With PicMonkey, graphic designers and photo editors no longer need to upload, download, and email when they are sharing their designs. This is because all of their projects are stored and can be accessed in one place. PicMonkey allows users to create shared spaces where they can keep all the designs their team members have to work on. They can invite people to join in these shared spaces by sending them an email or link. Team members can directly add their comments to project files and share their own design ideas and feedback. All changes made in the designs can be tracked in real-time as well.

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