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About Inteum

Inteum is a management solution for protecting, managing, and marketing IP portfolios. Using this platform, you can gather and organize your intellectual properties as well as agreements in a single interface. As a result, you can reduce risks and enhance compliance with standards and regulations. Apart from that, Inteum can assist you in managing your financials. This means that it can monitor the financial impact of your technologies. Additionally, it aids you in setting up expense budgets while you bring in more revenue from your innovations. Moreover, Inteum has a broad range of powerful tools that further streamline your technology transfer endeavors. As such, you can spend more time maximizing the commercialization of your inventions rather than on administrative tasks.


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IP Assets Management

Regardless of their nature, Inteum can store your intellectual property assets for you. This way, you can manage them from a single place. This also allows you to review the patent lineage with a brief look. Additionally, this enables you to keep up with your compliance obligations.

Contacts & Companies Administration

With Inteum, you can keep a complete record of your contacts and partner companies. You can even link contacts to companies, too. Apart from that, the solution allows you to record emails and other communications to ensure the smooth flow of conversations with associates. Additionally, the platform helps you follow the progress of your product development and marketing campaigns to make certain they are on track.

Agreements Management

When it comes to your IP assets, it is imperative that you keep copies of your agreements. Inteum assists you in this regard by providing a window for your agreements management. By utilizing this feature, you can meet your obligations and make sure that the other party does. On top of that, you can employ this tool to configure alerts for deliverables for you to complete them on time.

Financial Impact Monitoring

How much money is your IP assets making for your organization? You can find out easily with Inteum since the platform has a component specifically designed for that. This element also lets you create and track payables and receivables, as well as generate invoices and statements. Moreover, this allows you to compensate for expenses based on agreements. Thus, you can keep your organization healthy financially.

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