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Multi-Platform Content Delivery

Drag-and-Drop Multitasking

Service Manager Interface

User Authentication and Authorization

Expanded Real-Time Collaboration

Common Work Platform

About Interplay MAM

Interplay MAM is an asset management solution coming from Avid. The software consolidates all media and makes finding specific files deftly and expeditiously. With the solution’s integration with other Avid products like MediaCentral Platform, dispersed teams are able to access locally and cloud-stored media with ease. And with Interplay MAM’s modularity, businesses and organizations can customize the solution according to their requirements. This personalization allows creative teams to fully optimize the application and use it to its fullest capability. In addition, Avid’s MAM automates multifarious media tasks. This affords teams more energy to expend on creative undertakings rather than on media management. It saves them valuable resources, especially time, and reduces expenses for the company as well. Interplay MAM also provides a multitude of analytics and reporting capabilities. This way, organizations can truly keep track of their media and also pinpoint which assets are profitable and reusable. All in all, Avid’s digital media management solution does the heavy lifting for teams so they can focus on what matters most—creating engaging media.


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Intuitive Search

Workflow Monitor

Expanded Real-Time Collaboration

Team Messaging

Document Management

Asset Archiving

Metadata Cataloger

Remote Media Playback


User Authentication and Authorization

Service Monitoring

Common Work Platform

Avid Suite Integration

Modular Solution

Task Management

Workflow Automation

Drag-and-Drop Multitasking

File Transfer Management

PDF Previews

Remote Database Access

Multi-Platform Content Delivery

Video Analysis Monitor

Logo Insertion

Service Manager Interface

Administrator User Interface

User Manager

Third-Party Solutions Integration



Interplay MAM’s system enables quick upload and download of media files and supports transfer of media between locations as well. With this function, creative teams are able to work on projects without delay and broadcast companies can show the right media at the right time.


Pulling up a file from the cloud database is made easy by Interplay MAM. Its full integration with other Avid products allows it to search different locations, whether local or remote, to find the correct media. The solution further does this through its different parameters, allowing teams to input relevant data for a faster search. This way, teams do not have to spend precious production time in looking for what they need. Rather, they can spend more time creating media.


Interplay MAM does not just store media files in the cloud for teams to access anytime. It converts media to the most optimum format for different screens and devices, including social media platforms for a wider reach.


As a web-based service, Interplay MAM provides access to media stored in different locations to all team members, whether they are on-site or working remotely. They can do this through a single, shared interface wherein they can follow, monitor, and manage media. Furthermore, users can tap into the cloud database using different devices, affording them more mobility while working.


Interplay MAM’s common interface brings together members of the production and creative teams for a seamless collaboration on projects. The solution provides them with a shared online workstation so they can access assets and work on projects in real time regardless of their location and time zone.


With this asset management solution, administrators and supervisors can design workflows for their teams that would automate complicated tasks. This opens up more opportunities for members to focus on their creative assignments and builds up efficiency for the entire team.


Interplay MAM’s structure allows it to link with other Avid products, as well as with third-party programs. The open API further enables customization with broad SDKs and developer programs. As a production team’s needs grows, the solution also expands to encompass integrated systems.

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