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Highlights : About Gumlet

Automatic Image Compression

Faster Page Load Times

Real-time Image Resizing

About Gumlet

Gumlet is a real-time image optimization and delivery platform. Using this simple application, you can ensure that images you post on your websites are the right size and quality. This way, your web pages load faster and visitors see your site in the manner you intended. Getting started with Gumlet is easy. All you need to do is integrate it with your website or e-shop, regardless of whether it is hosted by WordPress, Shopify, Magento, and the like using a simple JavaScript plugin. After that, it detects critical features such as the user’s device screen resolution, display type, supported image format, and so on. Gumlet then gets to work using its AI technology to optimize images for users in real-time. This can be an advantage to your business if you have thousands to millions of monthly visitors, as you can provide them with a consistent experience no matter what the device they are using. On top of it all, Gumlet is mostly free. Only when you require additional bandwidth are you billed. This way, you can control your budget and still provide the best user experience to visitors.


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Real-time Image Resizing

Faster Page Load Times

CMS Integration

Automatic Image Compression

E-Commerce Integration


User-focused Optimization

Gumlet is an AI-powered image optimization solution. It reads the visitor’s device screen resolution and detects their display type as well as determines the right image format for them. Once it has those bits of information, it resizes images and adjusts their quality to ensure that they get the best visual experience.

Lower CDN Expenses

CDN expenses are only high because of the large amount of data you need to transmit. Images are one of the reasons that your CDN bill keeps going out of your budget control. With Gumlet, you can reduce it radically, as the solution compresses the image and optimizes the image delivery to boot. Thus, you consume less bandwidth, which results in lower CDN expenditure.

Better SEO Advantage

Slow-loading websites get a bad mark from Google. Because of that, even if you have optimized for search engines in any number of ways, your website could still rank low. You can change that by using Gumlet. Since the solution accelerates the delivery of images to users, your web pages load faster. As such, Google can designate your site as user-friendly, thereby ranking you higher in search results.

Consistent User Experience

Because of the adaptability of Gumlet, site visitors can have a consistent experience whether they are on a laptop, a smartphone, a tablet, a phablet, or are using a large monitor for computing. This means that images will be of the best quality for the device the user is using and even if that device has a large screen, the image quality can match it by resizing.

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