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About Gaia

Gaia is a timesaving media management tool purpose-built for marketers and photographers. It has a wide range of features that include photo tagging, batch resizing and watermarking, and bulk photo exporting. Gaia also has a powerful search algorithm that allows you to find photos that match your specifications. It is assisted by the tags you have set on your photos and their characteristics, which the solution can read. This way, you can explore and use more photos. Sharing is also hassle-free with Gaia. You can disseminate them via email or link. If you want to protect your images before publicizing them, you can add watermarks on them. With these capabilities, you can complete projects rapidly and focus on things that are more important.


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Organized Photo Gallery

Gaia serves as your photo storage and gallery platform. Meanwhile, it goes beyond that by also providing you with basic editing tools like resizing and watermarking. The solution even gives you the capability to assign tags to each photo, which can facilitate faster searches.

Powerful Search Algorithm

Gaia is equipped with a search algorithm that is powerful enough to find photos according to their characteristics, be it their subject, color, orientation, or focal length. The filtering capability is also assisted by the tags that you assigned to photos while organizing them. With this, you can find more photos and use images that are just right for your design.

Exporting and Sharing

With Gaia, you can export and share individually or in bulk. Before you proceed with either action, you can resize them and convert them into your preferred format. If you wish to protect your intellectual property, you can add watermarks on your photos. You can do all this in a matter of minutes, thus ensuring that you can finish your projects in time.

Access Control

Gaia’s paid plans allow for unlimited users. If you are concerned about their access rights, you can control them stringently, too. You can deny them access to the system yet still allow them to upload photos. As a result, you can get every involved party on board while protecting your digital asset.

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