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Monthly Fee : $ 2999.00 / Month

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Highlights : About ECommerce SEO Platinum Package

1- 500 products optimized

Rank easily in all major search engines - Google, Yahoo, and Bing results.

Boost your keyword rankings and average order value.

100% safe, ethical, and effective organic and paid results

About ECommerce SEO Platinum Package

Ecommerce SEO Platinum gives you wider coverage and audience which helps you reach international market. This package devise comprehensive and effective strategy to rank your business high in search results. The package is perfect for both types of retailers – B2C & B2B.


  Business Size
Premise, Cloud
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Find the perfect service package for your business with simple pricing

Service Details

Package Detail

Traffic improvement in 6 month up to 30%.

Keywords ranking improvement in 6 month up to 75% (Google, Yahoo, Bing).

Content will be provided by client (optional).

Faster results.

ROI analysis.

Product description analysis.

Site Architecture recommendations.

Landing page analysis and recommendations.

Conversion analysis and recommendations.

Geographical targeting and advertising Strategy.

SEO Process

20 Keywords (Long Tail Keywords ) Optimization

Generating Quality Backlinks

Content Optimization

Meta Tags Optimization

Upload Google Disavow List

Duplicate Content Check

Landing Page Analysis.

Competitor Analysis.

Call to Action Optimization.

Landing Page A/B Testing

Bad Backlink Check

Page Speed Optimization

Image Optimization

Heading Tags Optimization

Webmaster Analysis

Google Analytics Check

Code Optimization

Structure Data Implementation

Local Search Website Optimization

Google Local/Bing Local Listing

Local Business Listing

Local Business Reviews

Social Media Marketing - 01 Hours Weekly

Creating Facebook Page and Update

Creating Linkedin Company Page and Update

Creating Twitter Page and Update

Creating Google+ Page and Update

Content Marketing

Internal Blog Post Creating - 2 Post per month.

Creating Industry Specific and Application Specific Page.

Brand Pages Onpage SEO.

Coupon Distribution.

Creating Articles for How to Section - 1 per month.

eHow Article Writing & Submission - Not included in this packages.

Category Pages Onpage SEO.

Sub category Page/Products Onpage SEO.

Review Submissions.

Research/Reporting Allowance

Pre optimization Report

Future Suggestion for Enhancement

Google Analytics Report

Detail Work Activities Report

Keywords Ranking Report

Detail Traffic Analysis Report

Online Branding

Understanding the value.

Research your audience.

Give your brand a voice.

Plan your social media integration.

Build up your reputation online.


Minimum 6 month


eCommerce SEO Benefits

Apart from offering affordable ecommerce SEO packages, our service also benefits your website in the following manner:

Increases Brand Visibility:

The major objective of any brand is to be noticed or recognized online and this has become the hardest task due to several Google updates and the increasing competition. But you do not have to worry since our eCommerce SEO strategies can help you get identified both by users and search engines. These strategies can assist you stand out from your competitors by offering you the best set of keywords and get higher ranking in search results on major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Besides getting top rankings on different search engines, our eCommerce SEO package, which is the best SEO package, can also help in increasing the brand visibility so that your site is accessible easily for your valued users.

Fresh and Unique Content:

It is seen that most eCommerce marketers are only focused on short marketing results. They rarely focus on quality content. This is where our SEO packages can make a difference. Our SEO package updates your website with good-quality and original content so that you not only hold a unique position amongst your rivals for your customers but also search engines too.

Technical Optimization:

Analyzing your website’s architecture is of great significance. To know that your website is having good web standards can be an essential factor in deciding your website’s position. And opting for our eCommerce SEO services is the best way to analyze this. Our service analyzes your website for any invalid links or codes on your website and repairs them for better success.

Targeting Audience:

Buyers come to your website with expectations that your website will meet their needs. Hence, it is essential that you target your audience through search engine results. There are chances that the users that come to your website through the search engine can become loyal customers of your brand. Our e-commerce SEO pricing is very much affordable and can certainly assist you in gaining quality traffic to increase your business.

Our eCommerce SEO Working Process

Below is the detailed process that shows the way our eCommerce SEO works:

  1. Keyword identification: Before making any modifications to your website, our team conducts a thorough research to identify the keywords and key phrases that you require to include in your content.
  2. Keyword implementation: The next step in our process is to use these relevant and high-value keywords for your website. Our expert team uses these keywords in different places such as homepage, meta descriptions, page titles, image alt text, product descriptions, and so on.
  3. Product page optimization: When it comes to eCommerce websites, it is difficult to find anything more essential than product pages to optimize. Our team works on these product pages to optimize them, so that they are displayed first in the search results.
  4. Navigation optimization: Our team also ensures that your eCommerce site is user-friendly. We'll make sure that everything has appropriate categories or sections, and that there is a link to each top-level page from somewhere in your menu.
  5. Content creation: Since it is hard to compete online, one of the best methods you can do to draw in shoppers is by creating unique web page content. Our team provides you with articles, blog, press releases, and sometimes ebooks for a successful content creation strategy and tells your potential customers that you are trustworthy and knowledgeable.

How can SEO management services help your eCommerce business grow in COVID 19?

During this pandemic situation, eCommerce SEO can be a boon for your online store. Here’s how:

SEO offers long-term gains

SEO is not a one-time result giving strategy rather it offers unique benefits for a long time. Our SEO strategies are scalable and designed to match customer demands at various times. Using the right keywords, key phrases and content will continue to earn you desired attention from search engines and customers.

SEO offers low-cost leads

eCommerce SEO is one of the highest ROI marketing strategies for brands during these tighter economic conditions. SEO services help eCommerce businesses to increase traffic from search with no major investments.

SEO sets your eCommerce business up for success after COVID crisis

Eventually, things will get back to normal. Using efficient SEO marketing programs during this pandemic will be useful when the market is back to normal. eCommerce SEO will yield results for many years to come. Those results can help your business recover from the potential losses from the economic downturn.

Why Choose Us?

With are data-driven strategies, our eCommerce SEO packages successfully lead potential users to your online store. Here are some more reasons to opt our services:

  • Thorough Competitor Research: We analyze top-ranked eCommerce websites to know what makes them rank highly in Google search results. This offers us insight, which we use to roadmap campaign needs for our clients.
  • In-Depth User Analysis: Our services conduct an in-depth analysis on what keywords consumers use and how they use search engines while shopping. An audit of existing search engine results and a thorough keyword research establish our service’s baselines and campaign goals.
  • Higher Website Ranking: With our service, you get higher website ranking, which makes us a perfect fit for providing you eCommerce SEO services.
  • Complete Transparency: We maintain complete transparency while designing your campaign and strategies. All reports are shared with you and our team takes prior permission before any activity. This gives you an insight on what is going on in the background.
  • Customized and Affordable Packages: Get our services that actually fits you perfectly and suffices your needs, that too at affordable eCommerce SEO pricing.

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