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Team Approval/Rejection

Chat-Like Annotations

Automated File Versioning

About Approval Studio

Approval Studio is an enterprise-grade approval solution created for design teams. This helps streamline collaboration even when there are external parties involved. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and that crucial feedback is incorporated into the work immediately. To further streamline the approval process, Approval Studio offers feedback and activity tracking tools. This helps the team to make certain that comments have been noted and that actions taken are in line with the requirements. Additionally, Approval Studio supports team approval or rejection. This creates a cohesive group and makes certain that everyone’s input is taken into consideration.


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Task Prioritization

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Automated File Versioning

Feedback Tracking

Team Approval/Rejection

Viewing Invitations

Chat-Like Annotations

Comparison Modes

Activity Tracking



Revolutionary Collaboration

Approval Studio has a different approach to collaboration. It enables your team to invite external partners and clients to the system to view the artworks while securing the platform. The solution also enables chat-like annotations, which ensure that everyone involved in the project is on the same page. Whenever there is new feedback for the design, Approval Studio immediately alerts your team members. As such, you never have to miss client feedback.

Innovative Asset Management

Among the features Approval Studio has is its automated file versioning system. This transforms your asset management, as you no longer have to track new versions manually. What’s more, you always have the option to revert to a previous work iteration with one click. To help you see the differences between your work version’s the solution has four comparison modes. Thus, you can see what has changed and what has remained the same easily.

Comprehensive Project Reporting

Every step taken in the project is outlined in a detailed manner in Approval Studio’s reports. You can also see a full list of annotations, comments, and reviews via a Proof Report. With this, you can be certain that every input has been considered in the design process. Furthermore, Approval Studio helps you resolve disputes with clients using a change request report. This helps you provide proof that you made changes according to the clients’ directions.

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