Overview of migrating email to Office 365

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Highlights : About Overview of migrating email to Office 365

Complete access to the mailbox.

Migration of calendar, contacts, and email

Creation of a personalized Outlook profile

Shared mailbox

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About Overview of migrating email to Office 365

It capacitates the business infrastructure and blends with the existing devices, tools and mechanisms. As it is on cloud, accessibility is not an issue. Important work and tasks can be done and schedule at any point of time. It is modular and adaptable. It is highly affordable and maintenance free. Following are the added features to it.


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Product Details

Short Description

Office 365 supports several methods to migrate email, calendar, and contact data from your existing messaging environment to Office 365.


Migrate emails in office 365 mailbox.

Migrate calendar in office 365 web app (manual).

Migrate contacts in office 365 web app (manual).

Shared mailbox.

Mailbox full access.

Outlook profile.

Pre Migration

Configure Outlook Anywhere on your on-premises Exchange Server.

Set permissions.

Disable Unified Messaging (UM).

Add a domain in Office 365.

Create a migration endpoint.

Assign licenses to Office 365 users.

During Migration

Installing dependency

Starts the migration batch

Configure or verify that directory synchronization is working

Post Migration

Activate Office 365 user accounts for the migrated accounts.

Create an Autodiscover DNS record so users can easily get to their mailboxes.

Decommission on-premises Exchange servers.

Creating CNAME record.

Configure the MX record.

Impact of migration to users

Administrators can access email to migrate email, you need access to the user mailboxes in your source email system.

Users must create new Outlook profiles after the mailboxes are migrated and the on-premises accounts are converted to mail-enabled accounts, the users must create a new Office 365 profile in Outlook, and then Outlook automatically connects to Office 365.

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