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Lead Management (CRM)

Estimates and Quotes

Online Booking

Workflow Management

Job Management

Recurring Jobs

About mHelpDesk

mHelpDesk is a field service solution that helps customers automate everything from first customer contact to getting paid. This includes customer management, quoting, dispatching, invoicing, billing and reporting. mHelpDesk has multiple features to support a field service-oriented business, including integration with both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop for accounting. It also offers an offline mode, which allows technicians to continue using the mobile app in areas without internet or cell reception.


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Product Details


Lead Management (CRM)

Estimates and Quotes

Online Booking

Workflow Management

Job Management

Recurring Jobs

Scheduling & Dispatch

Drag and Drop Calendar

GPS Tracking

Live Mapping and Map View Routing

Custom Forms

Staff Communication

Text Message Dispatching

Inventory Tracking

Multi-Location Inventory Tracking

Offline Access



Job Manager

Real-Time Communication

Payment Processing

Customer Database (CRM)

Customer Communication

Customer Portal

Customer Equipment

Automated Customer Notifications

Billing & Invoicing

Payment Processing

Online Payments


Financial Reporting

Staff Productivity Reporting

Customer Reporting

Custom Reporting



Built-in CRM

mHelpDesk comes equipped with CRM tools to help you track and manage leads. It provides instant alerts and an auto response system so you can respond quickly to potential clients. You’ll be able to focus on hot leads, put customer communication on auto-pilot, share customer information between your sales and service teams, create and send estimate quicker, and drastically improve your win rates.

Robust automation

The software is built around a powerful automation engine that takes away the need for manual processes and paperwork. It can automate redundant tasks like billing, scheduling, customer and team communication, note-sharing, job assignments, and status updates, among others. Automation reduces manual intervention and human errors and makes processes more efficient and cost-effective.

Customer Focus

mHelpDesk is designed as a customer-first platform, providing you tools to deliver the best customer experience. Customer management is facilitated by the software by giving you a virtual file cabinet where you can store and organize customer records – active jobs, billing and service history, profiles, etc – that you can easily search, access, and share regardless if you are in the field on in the office.

Made for Mobile

An important requirement for a field service management solution is communication and mobility. mHelpDesk deftly handles these areas with native iOS and Android apps to let you access the web solution, text or email your field people, and do estimates and scheduling from anywhere at any time.

Top-notch Support

mHelpDesk is noted for its superior customer support. You can call its customer service teams for assistance through toll-free phone or chat live to get assistance and answers about the product and how you can use it for your business. You also get access to success coaches who will serve as your personal guide from product onboarding to implementation. There are also live webinars on the basics of mHelpDesk and a comprehensive collection of training videos on the product’s features and best practices. New video materials are added weekly to keep the video library updated. When you use mHelpDesk, you get to join a large community of users and an online forum with extensive discussions about the software and its benefits.

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