Digital Marketing Advance Package

Digital Marketing Package Advance

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One Time Setup Fee : $ 1999.00
Monthly Fee : $ 4499.00 / Month

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Highlights : About Digital Marketing Package Advance

World Class SEO Service

Our strong SEO service will help you to improve the rank of your business in the web market and it keeps your customers aware of your products, services and offers.

Up to 50 Keywords Optimized

On-page content optimization for 50 primary keywords preapproved by client

Social Media Marketing and Management

Social media integration for brand promotions and customer engagement.

PPC Services

Minimum Cost, Meaningful Conversions & Maximum ROI

Email Marketing

Smart email marketing to drive your business

Content Marketing

Niche-specific content creation for website and for promotion

Dedicated Marketing and Strategy Team

A team of 10 dedicated and certified SEO professionals at your service.

Growth Marketing Plan Development

Our effective digital Growth Hacking strategy will help you take the right decisions to make a company successful online.

Weekly Activity + KPI Reports

Weekly and Monthly Google analytics report, Heat map and video tracking

About Digital Marketing Package Advance

Digital marketing package advanced comes with power, strength and speed for service output. This package offers the best service for your business digital marketing and does the magic, easily integrates with other marketing channels, boosts quality marketing, help increase the outcome for best results.


  Business Size
Premise, Cloud
  Language Support


Plan built for all Business Size and Industry. Start with flexible pricing that scales

Product Details

Package Details

Traffic improvement in 6 month up to 30%.

Keywords ranking improvement in 6 month up to 75% (Google, Yahoo, Bing).

Content Will be Provided by Client (optional).

SEO – 6 hours per day

50 Keywords (Long Tail Keywords ) Optimization.

Generating Quality Backlinks.

Content Optimization.

Meta Tags Optimization.

Upload Google Disavow List.

Duplicate Content Check.

Landing Page Analysis.

Competitor Analysis.

Call to Action Optimization.

Landing Page A/B Testing.

Bad Backlink Check.

Page Speed Optimization.

Image Optimization.

Heading Tags Optimization.

Ranking Check.

Webmaster Analysis.

Google Analytics Check.

Code Optimization.

Structure Data Implementation.

Local Search Website Optimization

Google Local/Bing Local Listing.

Local Business Listing.

Local Business Reviews.

Social Media Marketing - 06 Hours Weekly

Creating Facebook Page and Update.

Creating Twitter Page and Update.

Creating Linkedin Company Page and Update.

Creating Google+ Page and Update.

Content Marketing

Internal Blog Post Creating - 4 per month.

Press Release Writing & Submission- Not included in this packages.

eHow Article Writing & Submission - 2 per month.

Creating Industry Specific and Application Specific Page.

Creating Articles for How to Section - 4 per month.

Research/Reporting Allowance

Pre optimization Report.

Google Analytics Report.

Keywords Ranking Report.

Future Suggestion for Enhancement.

Detail Work Activities Report.

Detail Traffic Analysis Report.

Ad Words Campaign Setup on Google and Bing

Search Ad Copy

Banner Ad Copy

Products Listing Ad


Minimum 6 month

SEO Guaranteed Service

Our SEO service comes with guarantee under which we offer you at least 40% of your total keywords in top 10 rankings within agreed timeframe (usually 6 months). Please note that ranking guarantee for particular number of keywords as mentioned in our SEO packages above is only considered when target keywords and website both are accepted by our team of experts. For example, if a website has any kind of issues with Google i.e. penalty etc..., we cannot offer guarantee in such cases.

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Customer Questions & Answers


Digital marketing is pretty much anything that’s online or web-based: PPC, SEO, email, web design, etc. Traditional marketing is still seen as those offline marketing activities: print, direct mail, radio, TV, etc.

For 99% of companies, their website is their top salesperson. It’s where prospects go for more information on your company, to learn more about your products and services, to contact your company, and possibly to make a purchase.

Creative, Technical and Marketing skill sets are needed, as is a good knowledge of the Internet domain.

To give just two possible reasons:

  • The Internet industry of which digital marketing is a part, is very popular, thanks to Google, Facebook, Amazon, …: people use these websites everyday and can see for themselves the impact.
  • The cost of using digital marketing and the efficiency higher than several well-established marketing methods such as press and TV.

Yes, it does. In fact, digital is one of the very few forms of marketing – other than exhibitions (trade shows) and trade magazines – that can be effectively used for B2B.It is often possible to target B2B buyers and influencers e.g. architects, contractors, CIOs via social media.
Digital marketing is also a must do for any export business.

In two words:
“Better ROI” “Higher quality” “More scale”

Being wide ranging, the skill sets (creative + tech + marketing) needed to do digital marketing, are usually not available in one individual, a team is required. Thus, any user (client) organization wanting to do digital in-house needs to justify to itself why they would staff up with a multiple team.

Since digital marketing is not the main business of the user (client) organization, the career path which can be provided within the organization to such people is necessarily restricted.

There are three ways that merchants can take credit cards across the net. The first is by capturing card details securely, transmitting them to the desktop PC and then processing them through a normal PDQ facility. This option is only suitable if the ecommerce software has the appropriate security and is bank-approved. It costs the least and minimises change and hassle for an existing business.

The second option is to process card payments in real time on the internet. Service providers include NetBanx, Secure Trading, WorldPay, Secpay and Datacash. You will need a merchant account and will generally have to wait for the money, but the PSPs charge you to process everything on your behalf. This can be suitable for medium and high volume sites.

Finally, some of the above service partners provide a ‘bureau’ type service. If you are unable to acquire your own merchant account, they will transact the funds on your behalf — a useful service for some, but not cheap.

Make the site fast. Use graphics effectively, not for the sake of it. Make the checkout process as easy as possible. Again, ensure that the site is not dynamically database driven unless this is absolutely essential – nothing is faster than doling out straight HTML.

Less than people think. In fact, the security risks run by web merchants are similar to those of mail-order companies. It is sensible for merchants to put anti-fraud policies in place such as phoning to confirm orders that are a particularly high value or that come from parts of the world more prone to fraud.

At the moment, the most hyped topic around is that of the Application Service Provider or ASP. The theory is that everything can be done through a browser interface. Browsers are great, but don’t believe all that you hear. If you have to use your ecommerce site a lot – like processing orders, changing products and prices and so on, you will find it slicker and quicker via a local PC, and you won’t be reliant on your internet connection.

Some companies supplying ecommerce solutions keep all site maintenance under their direct control. This means that if you want to change a price, you have to go through the supplier. While this provides the service provider with a revenue stream, it can infuriate you, the vendor. The best way is to have a way of directly updating your site.


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