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Price Cost per User : $ 595.24 / Month
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Product Details

Certainly is a Conversational AI Platform made for ecommerce and customer service.

Through our next-generation technology, companies are able to deliver exceptional experiences and scale their growth.
Insights from conversations with visitors ensure fewer product returns, lower cart abandonment and higher customer lifetime value.

Certainly is on a mission to help businesses build awesome user experiences by creating a digital twin of their best salesperson.

The Certainly Conversational AI software connects seamlessly across the platforms you run your business on.

From customer care, sales and marketing to community, HR and management, it’s your new conversational interface that turns any user interaction into a frictionless, convenient & relevant user experience.

Wondering how automated chat can help your business? Get a demo Conversational AI chatbot tailored with your content and let one of our specialists walk you through it.

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