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Aspect Unified IP

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Highlights : About Aspect Unified IP

Automated multi-channel blending

Automatic call distribution (ACD)

CRM integrations

Campaign management

Chat transfer

Compliance management

Contextual enterprise routing

About Aspect Unified IP

Aspect Unified IP is a unified, omni-channel customer service platform for contact centers, which includes automatic call distribution, an outbound dialer, campaign optimization tools, and more. The system integrates contact from email, web chat, voice calls, instant messaging (IM), and SMS, with multi-channel blending allowing agents to work on multiple interaction types from one workstation.


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Email management

Escalation strategies

Inbound contact recording

Inbound contact routing

Instant messaging

List & campaign optimization

Multi-channel campaign automation

Multi-channel communication

Multi-site distribution

Multiple dialing modes

Outbound dialer

Pacing parameters

Real-time statistics

Skills-based routing

Universal queue system

Voice, modem, pager & voicemail detection

Web collaboration

Quality Management

Call Routing

Call Recording

Application Integration

Applications Management

Compliance Management

IVR / Voice Recognition

Predictive Dialer

Campaign Management

Automatic Call Distribution

Knowledge Base


Allows agents to handle contact from multiple channels

Automated channel blending allows agents to handle contact from multiple channels from a single workstation, including inbound and outbound calls, emails, web chats, instant messages, and text messages, with inbound call volume determining when to switch between inbound and outbound calls.

Click-to-chat and click-to-IM functionality

Click-to-chat and click-to-IM functionality allows for real-time interaction between customers and agents, with customers given insight into service queues and estimated wait times.

Inbound calls

Inbound calls can be routed based on calling party identification (ANI) or dialed number (DNIS), customer profiles, available agents, service levels, or any other user-defined rules.

Create outbound strategies using customizable properties

With campaign and list optimization capabilities, users can create outbound strategies using customizable properties and criteria, defining which records to attempt and when, to provide agents with a prioritized list of records to attempt when they login.

Outbound dialing pace can be configured

Outbound dialing pace can be configured, with pacing options including manual, preview, automatic, precision, predictive, and blaster dialing, and a wide range of pacing parameters, such as goal service length, time, or percentage, calls in service, call-to-agent ratio, predictive abandon tolerance, predictive expected hit rate, and more.

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