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Highlights : About Ganttic

Multi-project planning

Manage your entire project portfolio. Forecast and optimize your different projects.

Resource scheduling

Simple resource scheduling for people, tools, equipment, and facilities.

Customizable reporting

Choose each planner element for customized reports. Then get automatic reports at your preferred interval or share them directly to whomever needs them.

Multi-user environment

Every plan allows for unlimited users. Bring your whole team to collaborate or share plans with clients, stakeholders, and freelancers.

Custom set data fields

Personalize plans with custom data space for projects, resources, or tasks.

Drag & drop scheduling

Quickly and easily schedule tasks by simply dragging and dropping

Resource management

Get an overview of all your resources and balance teams for better efficiency and less overtime.

Gantt chart timeline

See where all your resources are or track projects and tasks. Zoom in and out for long or short term planning.

About Ganttic



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Choose a plan that is right for your business needs

Product Details


Dynamic and customizable resource grouping/filtering

Save time communicating with members of team

Instant filtering of projects, tasks, resources by any data

Customizable reporting

Save on your budget by allocating unused resources

Unique pricing scheme

Resources can be synced with your Google Calendar

Multi-user environment

Good alternative between MS Excel and MS Project

Customizable resource, task, and project details

Multi-project planning

Custom set data fields

Easily plan different projects simultaneously

Conditional coloring of taskbars

Resource scheduling

Drag and drop rescheduling


You can have an overview of your plans from resources' and projects' point of view.

You will have a number of useful features in your hands and you don't have to sacrifice the ease of use.

Changing plans and re-allocating resources is effortless.

You can control the workload with utilization graphs and percentages.

Ganttic is a project portfolio management application that helps organize and schedule people, resources, projects, and tasks.

Build plans from the POV of resources or projects and see how they come together via Gantt charts or Kanban boards. Visualizations help get the big picture overview of all your work-related assets. Resulting in higher resource efficieny, less double bookings, and better long term insights. 

Ganttic's intuitive interface makes it easy to make changes. Just drag and drop a task to create or update your plans. And features such as capacity graphs, task tracking options, and report calculations let the user decide how in-depth they want to get in the details. But with no data imposed and a mix-and-match approach to features, you only need to choose the parts relevant to your work.

Ganttic's app is fully customizable with color coding options for projects and tasks, resource profile icons, and custom data fields. Share plans with an unlimited number of users to keep everyone in the loop. The cloud-based interface is perfect for large global and dispersed teams. As well as connecting those in the field or who work remotely with mobile notifications. Plus, it comes with a powerful API, making it easy to connect the app with any software you use. As well as native integrations with Google and Outlook. 

 Founded in Estonia, for the past 10 years, Ganttic has been the most flexible planning and scheduling app. See for yourself with a free trial and personal demo. https://www.ganttic.com/personal-demo

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